Tuesday, July 19, 2011

As If I Wasn't Already Obsessed Enough...

This is a teaser for Gallery Serpentine's new collection

Sorry guys, you need to stop fapping for a sec to finish reading my blog post. They certainly got it right when they said teaser, I'm foaming at the mouth over here. They had this coat on a mannequin in Gallery when Kitty and I were there a few weeks ago. I enquired about it but the Owner said it wouldn't be available for a while and even when it is I probably won't be able to get this fabric :(

Although on the plus she said that she could look for a green and black striped fabric for me! Hopefully she does. I want one in both colours :p I seriously haven't been this excited about a new Gallery Release in ages. I mean, I'm always drooling over their stuff, but this...I practically peed myself in the shop whilst I desperately searched for a price tag on the coat in the unlikely chance it was for sale. Obviously it wasn't because I'd be lauding all over everyone about how I owned it and in all likeliness taking it to bed with me along with my faithful bed companion Ellie the Elephant. My only solace is in that this coat is obviously too big for the model, therefore it might fit me and therefore I might be able to purchase this one of a kind jacket in the future.

Furthermore, whilst we're on the subject of Gallery; I want this so bad

The biomech pvc sleeve; would go nice with my new liquids from Black Milk.

Also, a bit of goss for you Black Milk fans out there;

Black Milk is unfortunately discontinuing the majority of it's print tights. From the ridiculous amount of whinging happening on the facebook fan page I can easily discern I'm not the only person deeply disappointed by this and no offence James, but I hope you lose a lot of money by making this decision. I've seen 'designer tights' everywhere; THEY'RE BORING. Your prints were amazing and colourful and unique and now you're throwing that away for what I can only guess is some desperate shot at attaining 'high fashion' status. Yeah well I have this to say to you:

Business; you're doing it wrong.

Okay, so I'm just bitter, I know James must have his reasons. Sorry, that was mean. I love Black Milk, and I'm fairly sure I liked them before they became ridiculously popular among hipsters, but I can't deny that I feel a bit betrayed. For shame Black Milk. For shame.

That's all for tonight my dears,

The Green Fairy



  1. Holy crap that coat is amaaazzzingg!

    As for Black Milk, I thought they were discontinuing the prints because the fabric kept comming back faulty from the printers and people were having to wait ages to get their stuff because of the faults... That said, that was many many weeks ago and they've realeased heaps more prints since then, so maybe thats not really the issue anymore. I'm also dissapointed :(

  2. That image is 'teaser' torture, aargh it's amazing!

    And as for Black Milk...son, I am disappoint.

  3. Tahnee: I think that was an issue for a few weeks because the fabric wholeseller was having issues or something but I'm fairly sure James is using it as an excuse. See he got on his soapbox on the black milk blog and gave some Julia Gillard-esque speech about 'moving forward' or some shit. I mean, I could be wrong but that's the impression I getbecause he does seem thoroughly obsessed with designer tights.

  4. The Nosey Kittycat: OH GOD I KNOW! I'm like a junkie itching to get her fix.

  5. Seriously guys, you should have SEEN her in Gallery Serpentine. She was standing there all "BLARGLARGLNARGLEARG" for ages.

    The model looks hungry. Y u hungry, model?

    And as for the sleeve - how lady gaga of you. x3

  6. She's not exaggerating at all >.<


    Pffpphaa Not Gaga, stop...I'm not even gonna start.