Monday, February 28, 2011

More Dusty Treasures From the Past

I do have something new in my wardrobe to post about, but as I'm too lazy to take photos of them right now, I'm giving you folks another glimpse into my past photographic habits. You might have seen some of them before...I dunno, I have a dreadful memory :P

Bit pic heavy, just for your infos

Jimmy jumping over Zach, 2009

The Australian War Memorial, 2009. I have lots of interesting pics from this trip actually ^_^

Gracie, 2009

Earth Hour, 2009

Wine Glass, 2009

Wednesday Addams; the best kitty a girl could've ever had. Just before he untimely departure from this world, 2009 :(

Buster the possum, recovering so he could be released back into the wild, 2010

My Mum, 2010

A Magpie sittin' doin' it's thing, 2009

A Tawny Frog-Mouth Mum and I were looking after in WIRES, the animal rescue organisation, 2009.


Gracie and I at The Bohemian Masquerade Ball, late 2010

As promised a somewhat embarrassing photo :P What I assume is a morning after photo, 2009

Haha a really dodgy photoshop job I attempted back in 2009

Student campaign day, 2009

University Avenue at ANU in Canberra, Autumn 2009

Bruce Hall's dining hall (my college, where I ate my meals), 2009. Reminded me a bit of Hogwarts ^_^ (Only a tiny bit, though!)


I think that'll do for today...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back In My Day...

As promised, some old photos! I found some I didn't even know existed..But they're far too embarrassing to put up here :P


Harry, 2009

My eye, 2008

Pocky! Taken about a month ago

My first Under The Blue Moon festival, photo by Charlie Brewer of, 2008

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bored 'Til Death

Today I wanted to show off these fabulous Epaulettes I got whilst I was in Sydney last weekend. You see, I spotted them several months ago in Gallery Serpentine, and then again later they were added to their Sydney web store. Unfortunately both times I was unable to afford them, and then one day they disappeared from the website and I sadly assumed that they had been sold.

Well, when I was there on Saturday, my friend Todd called me over, muttering something about how cool something that he'd seen was. I casually glanced over and my jaw dropped; Todd still talking to me about the Epaulettes whilst I was a proverbial puddle of drool on the floor. So, even though I couldn't realistically afford them, I snatched them off their display and marched straight to the counter; grin and Todd in tow.

I have yet to find a jacket to attach them to, but here they are;

And seeing as that wasn't a big post, I decided to upload a few other photos I'd taken around our property during 2011.

This frog had made it's home in our chicken's water dish. Cheeky bugger.

And this cranky spider had been walked on by my dad, hence his damaged leg :( ...And his cranky demeanour.

I was going through some of my old photos early this afternoon and thought I might upload a few every blog post, how does that sound?

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Over and out m'darlings!

The Green Fairy

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wayward Corporate Slave Raver

Howdy y'all, sorry that's its' been a little while since I posted but it's been a hectic week over here in the land of Aus.

The weekend just gone as some of you may know, I attended Utopia Rave in Sydney. Although it was fun, it was as I said, unbelievably hectic; and Australia's weather just wasn't playing nice. It was like... 35 degrees Celsius (and this was at like...9pm >_<) which according to google is 95 Fahrenheit for those of whom don't use metric... I have a very small amount of pics, I apologise for the quality. They were taken on my phone, and two of them I pinched off my friend Rachel McLachlan's facebook.

Todd and I

Rachel and I

I also apologise for my disgusting, sweaty appearance but it was a rave after all :P

Goggles: In Visible Light
Falls: Opiate Dreads

And moving on I thought I'd do a little post of what I wore today at work. It's nothing new or exciting, but meh :P

My hair needs re-dying >_<

Aaand a closeup of my jabot and cameo brooch.

Outfit today consisted of:

Shirt: The local uniform shop here
Waistcoat and Jabot: Fanplusfriend
Jeans: Just Jeans
Octopus Cameo: Tentacle Threads
Spoon: Green Fairy Absinthe
Bracelet and charms: Pandora
Pocket Watch: Diva
Top Hat: Shop called 'Edward's' in Coffs Habour

Friday, February 18, 2011

Green Haired Villians: An Unrepresented Market

Nevermind the bollocks - err, I mean title. I was discussing green-haired terrorists with a friend of mine, HAYDEN PETERS *swoon*. But seriously, check that shit out friends; he's was on the freakin' collectors for Science's sake!

And now back to me :P

Yay! Photos from my shoot with Rodney Shrimpton! I'm not getting overzealous with the hyperbole when I say the anticipation for seeing these photos was EATING ME ALIVE. Although The Shrimptons are good friends of mine, and I regularly stalk Rod's work, I've never actually had my own shoot. I accompanied my good friend Grace on hers a year or so ago (I posted some pics a few posts back), however that was just as moral support and for a bit of interaction for the main model. So you can imagine my excitement at the prospect of this shoot :D

Anyway, enough of the chatter and onto the pictures!


And Rod let me have a few photos with his beautiful 1D Mk4, as I mentioned when I posted a teaser. *drools* Isn't it puuurdy?


Corset: Louise Black (First time out of the house ^_^)
Pants: Lip Service
Shirt: Gallery Serpentine
Pearls: Madame Pompadour
Facinator: In Visible Light
Octopus cameo-style brooch: Tentacle Threads
Absinthe Spoon: Green Fairy Absinthe

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Over and Out

The Green Fairy