Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rockabilly Partaaay

So I found to a friend's 21st this weekend just gone and as I mentioned a few posts ago it was to be a rockabilly theme. I'm not much into the whole rockabilly subculture - not that I don't think it's cool, on the contrary there are many aspects I like but it's just not really for me. So I did the theme with my little twist on it, mainly because I didn't have high-wasted jeans and for the life of me I could not find an affordable leather/leather jacket substitute.

I guess my look revolved around my sky-high pompadour quiff really...See the creation process if you'd like; 

I used this youtube tutorial here. Obviously I took a few liberties, making my pomp a lot taller, changing the back to accommodate much longer hair and leaving out the dent thingo at the front but I really like the way he does the sides. Plus his technique seems to keep it together for much longer. I slept on mine for two days and it still looked good enough to leave the house with (after a slight touch up with some hairspray of course).

This was my outfit, '50s/'60s grease monkey;

Wayfarer sunglasses - Ray Ban
Chesty white shirt and belt - Kmart
Mechanical legbone leggings - Black Milk

 Keeping in mind that this party was saturday evening and my hair done late saturday afternoon...This was my hair before going out for the day on Monday;

Top and leggings by Black Milk Clothing

And this was Monday night right before I began the arduous talk of washing out a ridiculous amount of hairspray and back combing...


Anyway I'm off to watch the latest GoT episode and hopefully I'll have some photos taken by my friends of the actual party to show you all soon. 
Over and out.

Friday, April 26, 2013



OOTD feat. New mech legbones from Black Milk.

I spent the evening catching up with Gracie who is down from Sydney house sitting for her parents. Amongst the many things we discussed over pancakes, a puzzle and Fraiser episodes was a friend's 21st birthday this weekend. We're quite excited as the theme is Rockabilly! I've never dressed up in Rockabilly but I was thinking of maybe pompadour quiff hair and going greaser style; donning a leather jacket, a chesty white t shirt and wayfarers whilst carrying a comb around all night. Means I best procure myself a leather/pleather jacket; posthaste!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Space Bubbles

So I got my new Space Bubble Liquids today from Black Milk Clothing and ahhhh they're so cool!!!

I also have the mech legbones but I haven't had a chance to take pics in them as I didn't want to take these off ^_^

I did my make up today in an attempt to lift my spirits about a looming fibroscan I had to have regarding my liver. Turns out I had no need to be worried; hoorah!

Monday, April 22, 2013


So I was investigating the designer that made one of my favourite items of clothing; my Whisper Dress by Gail Sorronda...Anyway, I found this in their online store;

'Oh My Goth' Tee - Available here

Obviously it's ridiculously over priced but that's high end fashion for you. It made me chuckle in any case :D

Physio outing

My outfit for my outing to the physio today! I've grown to really like these appointments. I'd had shoulder issues for a few years now and this time I have decided I'm going to give it my all to try and get better. I often with medical issues just don't bother with exercises etc but my therapist has an extremely sunny demeanour and she's so motivating for some reason :P

Anyway apparently I've made progress which is exciting! :D Also next week, other than gaining more improvement, one of my goals is to download the superman theme and bring it on my phone to our appointment :P Everyone needs a physiotherapist this awesome for the best chance at recovery, I swear.

OOTD featuring;
DM copies from Big W
Black Spartan leggings from Black Milk Clothing (I'm so obsessed with these right now)
Whisper Dress -  Gail Sorronda
Cameo necklace - Pandora (gift for my 21st ^_^)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another Instagram Flurry

I have an impulse buying issue...But Great Wave of Kanegawa!!!

The two men in my life ^_^

Tim bought me a poster after we saw this the other day :D

Pre-run selfies feat Slimebaths

After a night out seeing a japanese band, Mustang Jerx with my friend Luke

Mum spoilt me on our day out to the Millthorpe markets + new Kingle Paperwhite

Outfit for cold-canvassing; one of life's most torturous duties for a job seeker.


Random OOTD feat. Witch King legs and burned velvet butterfly top from Black Milk

Another OOTD feat. Bloodbaths and my fav Gail Sorrento top

Max being a cutie and Mech legs

Mum and I trying out the new lemon infused locally-distilled vodka we purchased.

What's In my Bag?

I saw Sary do one of these and I was bored and though I might too :P

Illamasqua powder foundation, My new Kindle Paperwhite (a very exciting present from my Mutter ^_^), Ventolin inhaler, Earphones, Ray Ban wayfarer Sunglasses, My fake Jimmy Choo wallet Mum brought me back from her trip to Asia, Paw-paw lip ointment, lipsmacker and buttermenthols.

Hand cream, foundation brush, BB Cream, Revlon concealer, tissues, various coins, comb, black eyeliner, ipod/iphone portable charger, Caffiene under-eye concealer, ipod, lipsmacker, Absinthe candies, listerine strips, keys, my old work name badge for some reason, band-aids and sunscreen.  And of course my phone that is not present because it was taking the photos :P

Friday, April 19, 2013

Shadow Between Worlds

 Yay! My new Shiv-R CD arrived today along with some awesome postcards; one of which with a sweet message from Pete Crane ^_^



I love that they go to that tiny bit more effort; makes fans feel appreciated :)

Strapping Young Lady

So apparently you can get Goth-appropriate strapping tape; who knew? :P



I'm probably way too excited about this but man it looks so much better than that ugly tan stuff I usually have to wear.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Black Milk Picture a Day Challenge

So this month on instagram I've been participating (most days) in Black Milk's Pic a day Challenge. It gives me an excuse to take selfies I guess :P Anyway, today's picture was to be of your dream piece, which was lucky because I've been feeling particularly miserable and I wanted to wear my favourite piece to cheer myself up I guess. The Black Dog or Grimm as I not-so affectionately refer to it sometimes has been hanging around the last two weeks or so. I don't know what's up but I'm kind of over it :/

In any case, here it is; my Black Milk Dream piece...

The Cthulhu Dress!

I'm sure you've seen me post of it before, it's pretty magnificent. Also note my Cthulhu phone case that owner of the company The Dairy, Cam created just for me ^_^. You can buy it and many others from their website.

I don't exactly have the figure for bodycon dresses but I wear them anyway because the prints from BM are just too awesome.

Well that's about all I have to say for this post. Oh but just because:


I found this little guy in my draw this afternoon :P hehehe so cute.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

For Sparta!



Tee: Black Victory 'I Eat Babies' Shirt
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing's Black Spartans
Boots: El Cheapo PU leather from Big W
Cthulhu Necklace: From Tim ^_^

My Evening...

Chai latte and Witch Hunter Robin ^_^

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Anticipating Black Milk Clothing's 'Nomfest 2'

This Thursday the 18th of April Black Milk will be having one of their regular releases; part two of Nomfest. I'm rather excited as there's several pieces I'd like to get but I'm afraid my bank balance does not share my enthusiasm for nylon. :(

In any case one can dream, so if I am able I would love to get my hands on these awesome designs:

 Suicide of Morozumi; such a sick print! I want the leggingsssss

Space Bubble Liquids; an old fabric that Black Milk had back in ye olde days which I always wanted to get my hands on. I'd prefer a full leg version but beggars can't be choosers I s'pose.


 Mechanical leg bones!!! These are amazing and after selling my old legbones to pay for food when I was starving in Melbourne, these add that extra sizzle to make me want them again. But which ones?! I love the green tinge on the negative version but I think that's now been edited out :(

Sigh, my BM wishlist is ever-growing. You can see it here...you know...for curiosity sake ;)

New Album From Shiv-R

Eee, i'm excited! I bought Shiv-R's new album 'Shadow Between Worlds' on the weekend.

I can't wait for it to arrive! :D I've heard a few songs of this album already having seen Pete and the gang play just before new years down in Sydney. If you fancy purchasing it for yourself you can find it here

Monday, April 15, 2013

Keepin' It Goth...Even When You Exercise

Hello again lovelies I hope you're all well ^_^

Today I was planning on talking about how to keep in real...goth style when you're running, gyming, lifting...your arm to put on eyeliner (seriously, you need muscles to keep that arm up for so long) or whatever it is that you prefer to keep healthy.

I know, I know who the hell likes exercise anyway? It hurts and it takes effort and there's sun and I can't game whilst I'm working out (though that's a freakin' good idea, I'd be so fit if I had to actually run on a treadmill everywhere I wanted to go in Oblivion). I've always been rather lacking in passion towards  y'know...doin' stuff but my partner is rather active and I would like to be able to keep up with him. Plus unfortunately I'll have to have some surgery soon (ergh :S) and I want to try and lose some of my sub cutaneous fat before that happens.

So I thought I'd share the few little things that help motivate me to get active :D

Firstly it's this app:

It's called 'Zombies, Run!' as you may have gathered and it's awesome! You start it up and it gives you a whole storyline about the apocalypse and how you've gotta go on missions to get supplies for the remaining survivors. In between info from the app it plays music from your library. Sometimes when running/walking, you run into the horde and you have to run until you can't here their brain-starved growls in your earphones. Super creepy and super awesome, I love it and highly recommend it.

The other thing that helps, for me anyway is fashion. I see alot of these cool looking commando-esque sports bras and thought.. 'Ooo they're nifty.' So I bought this one:

For reference it's the champion Max Support 360. So...yeah after I'd spent a small fortune on good quality sports bras, I did kind'a need to justify it by exercising. And yeah...If I wanna buy anything exercise related I have a price in activity I have to pay :P

So after I get the new bra I bought today I'm going to have quite a few km's to run or chin ups to do :P

By the way it was this one:

The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra, which seems to have some pretty good reviews. Hopefully my boobs will actually fit in this one :S (hope that's not tmi :P) I dunno what it is about them...I just feel so Ellen Ripley-esque badass when I wear them, so...yeah whatever works, right? :P

Plus it helps when one of your favourite brands starts a gym line right?

 Ribs Tank by Black Milk Clothing

Haha and Black Milk even call their full length gym tights 'ninja pants' which you know..makes them 10x more desirable for me.

Ninja Pants by Black Milk Clothing

Oh and I almost forgot! Having an almost endless range of colourful shoes to choose from helps too ;)

These are mine:

Nike Downshifter 5 in green/black suits me to a 'T' ^_^

Anyway I might call that a day

Over and out bloggers!