Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pre-Surgery Cosmetics and Skincare Haul

So a few days before I went under the knife I must admit my trepidation was at an all time high and so to distract myself I went on a little spending spree. Having formed a small obsession with watching Grav3yard Girl videos, I seemed to have rekindled my make up obsession as I think I mentioned in a post not too long ago and retail therapy was a perfect way to find some new things to add to an ever-growing collection of beauty products.

Whoops :P

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleansing Wipes

(These I actually bought a few days ago but I thought I'd include them in this post anyway)
Now that I'm not longer using medication to control my skin I am extremely paranoid about breaking out. I decided to try these because they were the only wipes I could find (I literally spent like an hour in the supermarket reading the ingredients list on the back of every brand/variety of facial wipe they had) to see if any had salicylic acid in them. Supposedly this ingredient is good for curving breakouts and helps to diminish black heads.
I've only used them once so far and they are very drying so I do recommend using a good quality moisturiser afterwards if your skin is prone to dry patches. I can't speak for their effectiveness so early in my use of them but they are rather expensive ($10 for 46 wipes that are about a tenth of the size of a normal wipe as opposed to the $4 I pay for 30 wipes for my usual brand). I would also like to add that 46 seems like a strange amount to give...Normally I would expect increments of 5 or 10 and it kind'a weirds me out a little...Is that a weird thing to be weirded out by? Probably :P

Models Prefer Lipstain in 'Tutti Fruiti'

I'm actually really fond of this product surprisingly! I bought it on a whim because I liked the name tutti-fruiti and I find it's a really cute colour and very moisturising. You have to be careful not to apply too much as it will bleed/feather outside of the lip line but otherwise I've found it exceeds expectations.

 Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in 'Gothic'

I haven't really used this product since I bought it and tried it on once getting home. It consists of a colour-filled pen on one end and a clear balm on the other.

These seem to be all the rage at the moment, making sock buns and what not. I thought perhaps it would help me to make a top-knot sort'a asian noble look seeing as my hair is too thin to make one on it's own.

Joico K-PAK hair reconstructor. 

I normally use a treatment for my hair by Juuice in a pink bottle but I was recommended this by a saleswoman in Price Attack; here's hoping it helps my severely damaged hair.

Ecotools Bamboo Powder brush

Not much to say really, my old powder brush is falling apart and it kind of rough on the skin. This one is lovely and soft, eco-friendly and pretty to look at.

Maxfactor Lasting Performance Liquod Foundation in 102 'Pastelle'

So far I haven't really been pleased with this 'lasting performance' they speak of. I applied it once getting home and only about an hour or 2 later in was oxidising and sliding off my nose. Although I did set it with my Illamasqua powder foundation, I didn't prepare my skin in any way (clean or prime beforehand) so I'm hoping this is why I didn't recieve the results promised.
It is also disappointing that this foundation is a lot darker than I anticipated. As you can see in the swatch below it is very orange/brown on my skin despite that I compared it to my skin in the store. Applying my white powder did remove some of the ridiculous orange tone is added but it still didn't leave me looking as pale as I would like. 

Maxfactor Lasting Performance in 102 'Pastelle' swatch (I swear it didn't look this bad in the store!)

Maxfactor Lasting Performance foundation set with Illamasqua powder foundation in 100 'Pure White' along with Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in 'Gothic'

Box of freebies!

Spending over a certain amount, Priceline gave me this box of free items. I'm probably only going to use the nailpolish stuff is awesome, right?

Models Prefer Nail Polish in 'Wanna Be Royal'

I'm actually really happy with this colour, I'm really into wine/plums and deep blackish reds right now and was on the look out for a nice nail polish that fit.

Models Prefer Runway Shine Lipgloss in 'Angel Wings'

Models Prefer lipstick in 'Picture Perfect'

It also came with a bronzer, but..LOL yeah right :P

Also, completely not related to cosmetics but yay for my first Dragons Maze Magic cards! Do any of you play?

Anyway that's about all I got for today

Over and out!

The Green Fairy

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

El Challengeeeee

(Yeah I couldn't think of a creative title I'm sorry :/)

Thanks Laura for the tag!

Okie dokie so the rules for this little challenge or plug really ('cause that's what they are) are as thus;

1. Thank the person who tagged you to this challenge and post a link to their blog. (check)
2. Choose five blogs with less than 200 followers and pass the challenge on.
3. Wish them to pass the challenge onward.

Okay...Hmm let's see if I can actually get anyone to do this (also screw the 200 followers thing, my friends are popular; whatever). 
     -Coffin Kitsch
     -The Walrus Room
     -Graveyard Picnic
     -Clockwork Mice and Toy Soldiers

Also anyone who wants to do it, please do; I love reading these things :D

Okay on to the questions;

5 Things you Need Everyday

-My phone
-Facebook Access
-Cuddles from Max the cat

5 Books You Would Recommend 

-Around the World in 80 Days
-The Portrait of Dorian Grey
-Harry Potter
-Across the Nightingale Floor

5 Materialistic Wishes For Christmas Presents

-A high quality down quilt
-Black Milk (duh :P)
-A new laptop
-UNIF Hellbounds in black
-A good quality winter coat (like something from Gallery Serp or something)

5 Places You Wish to Visit

-United States
-Melbourne ^_^

5 Adjectives That Describe You Somehow


5 Things You'd Say To People About Life
(...Well that's a bit vague)
 -Don't strive to reach others' expectations; rather strive to reach your own
 -It isn't a walk in the park
-Please do stop to enjoy the little things
-Don't waste time on those that aren't worth it
-Not everyone will like you and that's okay

I'm apparently not good at being profound :/

I'm back!

So I believe the title may say it all; I'm back. I got back from Sydney yesterday afternoon after being in surgery on Saturday the 15th. I spent 5 days in hospital and then a few days in a hotel before I was fit enough to travel home. One of the most stressful weeks of my life and I can tell you all, my lovely followers that I am thrilled to be back sleeping in my own bed with little Maximilian ^_^

Here's just a few pics from my stay;

Night before surgery; not much sleep was had

My first day wearing real clothes again and scar! ...Also mum and flowers

Fruit basket from Mum's (and my previous) work...Also my doctor's office :P

 Close up of scar (please excuse the extremely swollen and bloated belly)

It'll be a month or so before I'm mended and until then it's home detention, no lifting and all sorts of other extremely inconvenient restrictions. o in the meantime I'm reading, watching lots of star trek and movies, catching up on my sudoku and hopefully blogging :)

Anyway, that's about all for now

Over and out

The Green Fairy