Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's Haul Time again Part I, feat. Lootcrate and BM

 So the last 2 weeks have been pretty great in regards to mail. I got several full day shifts at work and as such had much more disposable income - hoorah!

Postman literally could not hold all of this awesome and get me to sign at the same time haha


Bosch dress for the win! 

I just kinda wanna go nuts and wear all of this stuff at the same time. :P

Riddle me this! I got so many comments on these when I went down the street in them. I wish I could get a photo that actually shows how freakin' vibrant they are.

The other item I got from Black Milk were the mecha legs however I haven't yet gotten a photo of them. II did enjoy wearing them and watching the new x-men for the second time though - I felt so badassssss. My only fault with them is that I wish they were less blue and more black/grey but eh, it's not too bad.

Moving on to this month's Lootcrate who's theme was 'Fear'. It seems to have very zombie/undead undertones, this one.

You know only good things come with old school 3D glasses

 Woooo 3D!

 I'm guessing this is from a game but it's not one I've played.

 Badge as usual

Oh cthulhu, this thing was the most painful experience in the history of my tastebuds :P I physically could not bare it haha. Like...I can eat lemon pulp but this was on a whole new plain of sour.

 Temp. Tattoos!


 Shirt...with a skull...made out of cats...*twitch* :D

This one for my tastes definitely wasn't as good as the spacey themed one but still not bad.

That's all for now, does anyone else subscribe to Lootcrate?

Over and out

The Green Fairy!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Decrypting the Secrets to the Perfect Flatlay

 As an alternative fashion enthusist, I often come across various flatlays and yet I feel despite my efforts I can't seem to grasp the concept of making good ones of my own. Not to say that I think mine are completely shite but they do seem to lack that certain...crispness.

 I guess a better background would help, and better lighting but making do with what I have at my disposal, my house and natural lighting, I'm not quite sure how I'd achieve the results I'm after.

Anyway, here's a few of the better ones I've done;


Gilded Wine

This Dress has a Mass Effect 


That's all for now,

Over and out!

The Green Fairy

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween Envy

Anyone who lives in Australia (or who might've visited around late October) can tell you that despite that among its (admittedly dwindling) virtues, you will unfortunately not find an enthusiasm for halloween. Obviously this is quite a disappointment to aussie gothlings like myself and many I would speculate that may be reading this right now.

In light of this situation which I would call nothing less than a tragedy, we Aussie goths have to take what little halloween goodies there are to be had wherever we can find them.

Speaking of which, my chums and I stumbled upon the very small Halloween section at our local Big W and I imagine our squees were audible throughout the entire shopping centre. :P

 Orange and black bliss


 Luke checking out dancing Frankenstein

My little haul, my cthulhu, it's pathetic :P

Here's hoping there's more stuff to come out in the few weeks we have remaining before the 31st. I'm sure there's more exciting things in the big cities but alas, this is what we have to work with in the country. :P

Anyway, that's all for now; how are you other aussies faring in the hunt for Halloween stuff?

The Green Fairy

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Members of My Nylon Family

WARNING! The following post contains lots of selfies

Thought I would because there seems to be this selfie-hating culture out there...I don't really get it but whatever.

Moving on, MY CTHULHU DRESS ARRIVED! It's seriously like..the most gorgeous thing ever.

 Matchy matchy with my phone case makes me smile :D

 It's surprisingly long enough for my 6' frame, eee!

And featuring my new mac lipstick in 'Cyber', mentioned a few posts ago ;)

 Aaaand I may have worn it to work yesterday too :P

 I've decided I really love the way it looks with a nice dress shirt underneath. We'll have to see how long I can stand this when the real summer heat rolls around. (Sorry the pic is even more terrible quality than usual)

Also got these with a voucher I received for my birthday a bit over a month ago (I really should do a haul for that) and holy crap they're so awesome! Can't wait to bolt up for Halloween ^_^

The detail on these things is unbelievable!

Unfortunately I missed the mecha leggings so I'm waiting on a restock but as with everything I have to wait for, I take Tom Hiddleston's advice regarding situations like these and consider them exercises in delayed gratification. ;)

Sigh. I'm never going to save for a new laptop if I keep buying nylon haha.

I probably need rehab.

Anyway, that's all for now

Over and out

The Green Fairy