About Me

Greetings readers!

My face may seem vaguely familiar to you, as you scour for jade-themed fragments of memory from your semi-comatose absinthe drinking benders of past times.

I'm the Green Fairy, and I undoubtedly have made my corset-clad, winged figure known to you; touching your nose before you head settles on your mahogany table, awaiting the morning sear of a night previous too well spent. However, unbeknownst to you I'm sure, I also present other facades to the world.

...Okay enough with that pretentious crap

As well as The Green Fairy, I'm sometimes known by Steph, Sydney or even 'Steffles' and inhabit a small grotto in Central West New South Wales, Australia. I have a strong interests in Victorian gothic and steampunk fashion, anything green or glittery and of course Absinthe (and those who dare to taste it's delights). I'm an amateur photographer by day but I'm hoping to become professional in the future.

At the moment I'm working to save money for my big move to Melbourne. I like to spend my free time going to events, hanging with ma' chums, watching movies, reading, taking photos or sometimes doing some casual modelling for friends.