Friday, December 12, 2014


So I have an inspection for my place tomorrow and I should be doing last minute tidying so obviously that means it's the perfect time to write a blog post :P

I haven't been posting as much lately, which is due to me actually doing some being kind'a not in the mood to do anything right now. I'm in a massive low at the present and really hit me quite hard after such an extended high (it was so fucking good but I think the whole never stopping for a breath and only sleeping about 4-5 hours a night for months on end really took its toll on my body).

So, some recent happenings;

I went to Sydney to see the National Theatre Live 'Frankenstein' production featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as Frankenstein's Monster and Jonny Lee Miller as the Doctor, and it was un-fucking-believable! It's based loosely on Shelly's novel of the same name.

I can't say I ever did well at drama essays so I know my descriptions of the production will not in one hundred years do it justice but holy fuck, so good. The physicality was such a stand out for me, the only other aspect that was really comparable was the amazing set design. But really...who the fuck can move that well?! Ergh, I just could gush all day but unless you'd also had seen it it wouldn't make a lot of sense.

 Just prior to going in feat. Black Milk's Frankenstein's Monster Leggings ;)

Oh! Also should add that there's a tiny steampunk addition that kind'a came out of nowhere and was just phenomenal. I almost leapt from my seat in excitement when it came on screen. Sigh. it's the little things,.

 Fuck. Yes.

I'd also really like to make note of the lovely individual who played the Bride of Frankenstein, of whom I'm almost convinced is actually some supernatural being because I'm quite sure at some points she was floating a centimetre or two off the ground. She moved with such grace and elegance that had I not already been speechless I  most assuredly would have been rendered so by her mere presence.

My only real issue with it was some of the dialogue. I think the actors did iit much more justice than it deserved. I must say that it was a little..contrived and perhaps even corny at times? I dunno..It just wasn't up to par with the rest of the production. Otherwise though, perfection *kisses fingertips and tosses them upward*.

Chums; Richard, Rosemary and myself sitting in a random park in Newtown eating icecream and laughing after Frankenstein.

It was also really amazing seeing some of my friends again. Life and distance really seems to get in the way the older I get but it's comforting to know we're as comfortable around one another as ever.

 Okay so what else is happening...Well, for one in Australia right now the weather is horrendous. Seriously, as someone who revels in winter and grins with delight as a bitter wind caresses my face as I walk the streets, this heat is fucking killing me. Ergh! I'm not someone who is commfortable showiing a lot of skin, both because I'm self conscious and because fuck, if I had to cover every inch of my almost 6' frame every day in SPF 50+ I'd be broke in a week. 'Dat shit's expensive, yo'! So, instead I embrace the Slip and Slap a little more than the slop, cladding myself in oversized, long sleeve men's shirts and hiding behind my sunnies and under the brim of my beloved new hat.

(For non-australians a little bit of context for you; we here being the sunburnt country in more ways than one have had a nationally recognised Sun Safety campaign for as long as I can remember that instructs people to Slip on a shirt, Slop on some sunscreen and Slap on a hat - although apparently this has recently been extended to include advise about finding shade and wearing sunglasses too.)

Hiding from the sun under the brim of my new FallenBrokenStreet hat. I really need a haircut.

My style at the moment I would most equate to something described in Macklemore's 'Thrift Shop' but if I manage to give skin cancer the slip, than zero fucks will be given to how mishmashed I look.

 Furthermore a new shop opened up in this crap hole they call my town of residence and for once it's actually something I'm vaguely interested in! It's a militaria/adventure gear place and upon spotting it I was overcome with the desire to host a M*A*S*H themed party where you can only wear khaki or olive greens and/or scrubs and/or your bathrobe PLUS you can only drink out of canteens and/or martini glasses. Please, Cthulhu let me have one of these parties and have people actually interested in marathoning episodes of M*A*S*H with me :P (Luke, I'm looking at you).

 The store was closed when I spotted it whilst killing some time before my train to Sydney earlier this month but I can't wait to come back to have a real look - Oh my Cthulhu, the things I could do with that pith helmet *heavy breathing*

I'm wondering if mmy veryy recent obsession with olive greens and khakis has been spurred on by this new discovery...Not sure...Don't care...Need. Moar. Olive. Greens.

Aaaaanyway, I've ranted and rambled enough for one post. I hope this was at least vaguely interesting. Lemme know, I need all the ideas and encouragement I can get right now, believe me.

Over and out my lovelies

The Olive-Green Fairy


  1. I keep missing that! I need to see it because I love Jonny and Cumberbatch, and the fact that they both played Sherlock is a lovely headf*ck!

    We just had 1.5 winter days here because the weather was having a laugh.

    1. You really need to! If you can't see it in theatres, see if you can buy it or download it or something. Excellent.

      It's actually really cooled down here too! I'm so happy that it has, i've been sleeping with two doonas again and am so snuggly; it's wonderful!

  2. Damn :< I was dreaming about seeing that!

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