Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Happenings

 Hello my fellow bloggers! I hope everyone is well and had lovely holidays. Unfortunately this Christmas wasn't one of the best I've had being away from my family here in Melbz. However I was consoled by episodes of Full Metal Alchemist, Skyrim and 'Christmas Chess' hehehe.

My mum gave me a little money to buy myself some gifts so I bought myself a Byakuya plushie :D

 And a pair of Black Milk leggings :D

And my friends Sarah and Mark got me this cute gift from Lush! I think it's very suiting :D

'Christmas Chess' thanks go to my housemate :p

Moving on from Chrissie I had a loving evening out a few days prior at a friend's birthday party held at Melbourne's House of Rock! I'd forgotten how fun it was to dress up and go out and what not. I was planning to don the false lashes as well but my prescription contacts weren't behaving unfortunately.


 Sarah, Mark and I also visited the beach! I had to sit out having a frolic though because I didn't come prepared for the sun :/



Yay for cider!

Oh yeah...and I cut my hair :P

Monday, December 19, 2011

Saturday Day Night's Make up

So on Saturday Night I went out with some of my new friends for a birthday celebration at Melbourne's House of Rock. I had a great time even though we didn't really stay late. I thought I'd just post a pic of my make up, 'cause I kind'a liked it. I wore contacts for the first time is forever. I had forgotten how intense they make your gaze.

My liquid eyeliner always starts off so fine and delicate and ends up being a massive, dramatic over statement :P Oh well.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fairy, Where You Been?

 So my interwebs at home is a little intermittent hence why my posts lately have been rather erratic. Any ways to make up for it here are some pics from happenings in the Melbz :D

Tetris, kitty we are cat sitting :D

 'tis a cat

Tis a Growlithe


And last night we hads a sleep over at Kitty and Growlithe's place :D

I'm hoping to be back in interwebs society soon!

Over and out

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Black Milk Orientated Post

Yes so lately my life has been very Black Milk orientated so I thought if anyone was interested I'll do a post outlining everything.

First here are some pics from the first Melbourne BM girls meet up!!

It was an awesome day and lovely putting some faces to names in real life :)

Also I got a very exciting present in the mail the other day from the BM team! I opened the express parcel that arrived in my mail box to find Slimebath leggings that will be released in December for a 48 Hour special :) They were a thank you gift from the team for being an admin on the Black Milk discussion page! Myself and a whole bunch of the other fans on facebook did a madsive photobomb to get the original bloodbath leggings in different colours and we were lucky enough to impress James enough to get our wish! Really, I freakin' love that company so much.

They go so well with my favourite TUK gun-slinger heels :D

Furthermore Cam was nice enough to design these Elf printed leggings for me just in time for Christmas! Hopefully I'll be able to pick them up with the BM gift certificate I'm hoping to get for Christmas, as I haven't got the funds at present.

Oh and still slightly BM related here are my Matrixes...and my new boots that arrived a little while ago; they have a freakin' light in the heel!!!!

And I just chucked this in for good measure, this pic was taken my second week in Melbourne :D

I think that's about all for now my lovelies :D

Oh wait, one more thing - I won a corset in a halloween contest! I couldn't believe my luck! Thank you Corset Styles! Here's the post.

Over and out!

The Green Fairy

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hold On to Your Bloomers as the Galavanting Continues: Part II of Melbourne Adventures

Good morning bloggers! Hope everyone is well!

As promised here are a few more pics from the picnic I spoke about in my last post

And these next ones are just off my phone, a few snapshots from trotting around the suburbs!

Byakuya plushie :DDDD

Sugar Station!

Do want!

I think Kitty might like her dress...

Mini tricorn eeeee!

Oh and fellow bloggers I have a little bit of exciting news :D

My parents told me an envelope arrived at my home address back on the outskirts of the middle of nowhere in which I moved away from recently to relocate to Melbourne. Not having any idea what it was I asked my parents to reroute it and it arrived yesterday!

It was a lookbook sent from Directions La Riche, the hair dye company I use! And...

I'm in it! :D

Anyways that's all for today

Over and out

Green Fairy