Friday, January 28, 2011

I smell sex and kan-deh-eh

So my good friend Todd convinced me to go to Utopia next month, a rave held annually in Sydney. I'm so excited! I've never been to a rave before, and although I'm amongst the worst dancers in the world, I still love to dance!

So in anticipation for the event, I've been researching raving culture and cyber/perky goth culture as well I guess and I'm currently in love with kandi!

I spent 40 bucks on eBay the other night on Pony beads :P I can't wait to start making my own personalised kandi bracelets so I can give kandi kisses to all the pretty lovelies at the rave, eeep!

Kandi Kiss! <3

Oh and I'm freaking out about what to wear! It's so hard to try and look different in a sub culture where people enjoy all the same things...ergh, I guess that's the idea of a sub culture, but I wanna get noticed, dammit!

I was thinking something along these lines (I adore this image!) but with my own green fairy touch to it, and obviously no boob or midriff exposure..ergh, yuck. I need wings. You know, to be a real fairy.

I have my new cyber falls but I don't know if I want to wear them. I've never had a chance to before, so I wouldn't be used to them and each time I try them on I'm overwhelmed by how heavy they are. I'm pretty sure I won't have the stamina for that kind of head pain all night into the wee hours of the morning.

And I have goggles kinda like these...Maybe should wear them..

I'm thinking maybe deathhawk, steampunk look with green and gold accessories...Ergh, so hard to decide. Oh speaking of deathhawk, I dunno if I've ever posted a picture of me with my deathhawk up on here, and if I have, it would have been ages ago. So, here are a few for you viewing pleasure (or..whatever :P)

These two were taken by Rosemary during some Humans V Zombies activity

Australia Day 2010

Melbourne Trip, October 2010

This baby was dying when I took these photos as I'd spent several hours in the rain.

As you can see I'm not the world's best deathhawk stylist, and as my hair grew it got harder to get up (:P). I'm gonna have another go tonight for some event I'm going to with a new hair 'membrane gas' thing I bought yesterday at Price Attack. Wish me luck!

Oh and my good friend Rosemary is turning 21 very soon and her birthday party is Circus themed! I really wanna get this tailcoat from Gallery Serpentine so I can go as a Ringmaster or whatever, but I'm strapped for cash at present as I've been sick and off work and I'm trying to save for both the rave I just mentioned, my camera, and both my trip and my big move to Melbourne *head explodes*. Anyway, so the photos from that event should be exciting!

Anyway, that's about all I got for today lovelies.

Bye bye!

(Please note: All the above photos that aren't of me or watermarked as being from Viona-Art are courtesy of google images.)


  1. Maidenhair fern! Ha, I geddit!

  2. Nice pics! I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work!
    And can't wait to see pics from the rave!

  3. If you haven't decided what to wear by the time you get to The 'Can, I'm more than willing to help out... I totally love dressing people!! *squee*


    Ms. Tea Klothshoff

  4. I would wear all black with green accents.

  5. I have the same problem!! I got awesome black dread falls but they are super heavy :( I don't know how to attach them to my hair very well.

  6. I want also a bunch of those bracelets! MIII I LOVEEE CANDY & COLORS :D XD Hahaha

    I'm currently also working out my outfits, one is my underwater steampunk outfit & then a few more others. Oh & I need to design my candy pyrate outfit to.

  7. Ooooh idea :D
    Are we going to make a Kandi-gift for each other? I'm sure I have somewhere lots of those pearls :D Or maybe we can organise something like that between internation fellow bloggers? ^^

  8. Oh yes we should totally make each other little gidts! Eeeep!

  9. @Angel of Darkness: I'm glad you do! I enjoy writing it :) Yes, the rave should be good :D

    @Tea: Yay! Gothie dressups!

    @Sara: Mmm I want some gold in their too though :D

    @MissGracie: Yeah these are my first pair of dreads and I haven't worn them anywhere yet. I'm hoping one of my more experienced friends can give me some tips on attaching them and dealing with the hair pullage pain :P Also I have practically no hair because it's thin to begin with and I have a mohawk style undercut:P Gah

    And Sheridan I already replied to :P