Sunday, July 31, 2011

Portobello Road

"Portobello road, Portobello road

Street where the riches of ages are stowed.
Anything and everything a chap can unload

Is sold off the barrow in Portebello road.
You’ll find what you want in the Portebello road....

So here it finally is, I've been putting off doing this for ages but I finally got around to it seeing as my big move is less than two months away! Now don't get too excited - not all these items are gothie and they're really kinda...not interesting. I'm just putting a few items on here in hopes some of you guys might see something you like and can help me out in my move.

Okay so I'm not really sure how to do this but I was guessing maybe email me and make an offer of what you think they're worth I guess. I'm not really worried about what most of them go for, but a few items (like my corset or items that have never been worn) I would expect you know...a fair offer. So obviously don't email me offering $10 for a practically brand new corset (let's be realistic guys!)

Okay, so without me blabbering on any more, here are the clothes.

P.s. there may be more things in the future, this was just the wardrobe...and if you knew anything about my room, only about a third of my clothes are actually stored in my wardrobe :P

BTW my email address is

Or I guess you can comment. It's kind'a a first come first serve kind'a thing...

Men's Woolen Overcoat - ON HOLD for Shaun

This coat I bought second-hand at an op-shop and wore several times for like..pirate-themed events. It's massive, like...even on me. It's meant for a man. Plus it's really really heavy. It has what I assume was the previous owner's name written on the inside of the coat as you can see in the picture. It says it's a size 12, but yeah...I have no idea what that means :P

White Top Hat Shirt

As you can see this is from Just Jeans and it's a size Large. What else is there to say? :P

..Maybe that I should have ironed my clothes before doing this.. >.> oops.

Pink Rabbit

Black medium men's t-shirt decorated with bleaching and a scary-ass pink rabbit. I love this shirt, but well...Pink isn't really my colour.

Black Mini-Bloomers - ON HOLD for Carol

These shortie bloomers are black cotton with white lace trim from FanPlusFriend. I don't wear them, because well I actually ordered black lace.. >.< Too lazy to send them back. They're a size XL, but they're mega elasticised. They'd probably fit many-a-sizes.

Aztec-Rose Skirt

Beachy skirt from Aztec-Rose brand, it's cute as. I alays loved it when I was a more surfy brand girl (ergh how embarrassing) thing is it was always a wee bit too short for me. Size 12 Aussie women's.

DIY Singlet

Any Boosh fans out there? I made this in my DIY obsessed days for some sort of dance party. It's a fluro yellow RIO brand singlet, nothing special with 'I*heart* goth juice' written on it in paint I think. It's safe to wash, I've washed it several times and it wasn't effected. The writing has a faint hint of green glitter in it.
I know it's ridiculously crap and tragic but here's hopin', huh? :P

Green heart shirt

This shirt is from 'Ally' that cheap mass produced kinda crap I bought when I was a young teen. Size L.

Gallery Serpentine Underbust- SOLD

This is a size 14 Widow Underbust Victorian corset by Gallery Serpentine. It's a sort'a bronzy colour with black lace overlay. It's barely been worn. Like seriously, 3 times maybe? It was my second ever corset, I just never wear it and it's a wee bit small so I might as well sell it and maybe get a new one that I'm more likely to wear. (I'm thinking...150?)

Felix Shirt

Felix shirt from Myer, used to love it; now...Not so much. Size L.

Miss Shop Coat

I adore this jacket, but it's a bit small for me if I wear anything more than one shirt under it; and I generally like to layer under coats. It's a rich teal colour wool woven type fabric as you can see in the close up. An Australian women's 16. Kind'a small 16 though.

More beachy goodness...shorts

Yeah these are mad board shorts, I love them. I used to wear them with stockings when I wasn't at the beach 'cause I think they're mad. They're Rusty brand, size 14.

Green printed shirt - ON HOLD for December

I don't know what this brand is because I took the tag off but I do remember that the shop I bought it from was cool :P Wow that helps a lot right? :P Size L.

Original Leon Cutler Trench

This trench coat is real vintage by a Sydney designer, Leon Cutler. It's a size 12 and believe you me if it fit me I wouldn't be selling it. It's from the late '70s and it's pretty rad. Get your Carmen Santiago on!

Steampunk pimp pants - ON HOLD for Kitty

Valley girl size 14, kind'a steampunky? Picked up from an op shop.

Pinstripe Bloomers - AVAILABLE

My first pair of bloomers, naww. Size 14. Stitching a little stretched. They were almost worn to death.

Black Milk Anatomists

Size L brand new Black Milk Anatomists. These haven't been worn except to try them on. They're a very dark charcoal grey, almost black. The Black Milk site is currently down and when I last checked these were sold out. Also James Lillis is discontinuing a lot of his prints, but to be honest I'm not sure if this print is one of these. In any case if you were desperate for a pair of Black Milks (like I know many of us avid fans are...gotta get our fix some how right?) then you can get these now..or you know, wait around for the site to come back up and then risk the print being discontinued or even if they're not, wait about a month for them to be made...So yeah. :P

Gloomth purple dress - ON HOLD for Roxi

This taffeta dress is by Gloomth and has also never been worn other than to try on. Unfortunately it doesn't fit me which made me seriously sad. It's a tad too big around the shoulders and ridiculously short on my 6 foot + frame. Size 1XL a 17/18 aussie women's? I'm just guessing here.

This isn't the same size chart but it's a similar shaped dress to give you an idea

Should also mention postage is extra, 'cause otherwise..yeah I wouldn't make any money :P

And there's been some questions about 'reasonable' prices...I just meant, like for the more upmarket items i.e. the corset and the gloomth dress. The shirts you can offer me like.. $5 I'd probably say yes :P

Anyway that's all for now guys. I hope there's at least one or two items of interest here!

Over and Out my lovelies!

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Okay so I'm going to write the name of the person who has either bought or put items on hold next to said item. I have yet to figure out the terms of the 'On Hold' status :P (Wow I'm so organised, right? :P)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quick Post

So I thought I'd do a quick post showing you guys my new bolero from Gallery Serpentine! I received it yesterday and planned on doing a post about it then but I had a horrible day yesterday and when I got home I just kind'a curled up in a ball and waited for American Pickers to come on before going to bed cuddling Ellie the Elephant my faithful bed companion since '89 very tightly. Sigh...Anyway, I'm feeling much better this evening thank goodness.

As for the bolero, I don't think it's for sale on their web store yet but it probably will be soon. Sorry the photos are so crap, but my camera battery was dead so I just used my phone.

These photos don't show nearly how awesome it is! I love it sooo much! It's trimmed with emerald taffeta and tulle around the back of the neck. I especially love the shape of the shoulders, very Victoriana; and it makes it appear like it's just the jacket that has big shoulders, not me :P

Also, I won a daily prize in the Clinique 2 week challenge! I got a Type one skin pack worth fifty bucks :D My skin has changed a lot since I've been using these products and just a heads up, my Illamasqua foundation is now very wearable! I have to prime like a bitch but I don't have random dry patches any more! Yay

I'm always tentative about doing weird little posts about things going on in my life because they seem boring to me, so yeah if it is don't be afraid to let me know :P