Friday, June 15, 2012

Being silly pretending I had a green beard :p

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Batbrat Victorian Collar

 Ahhh! So Adora's website has been up for a while but recently she added her first self-designed item of clothing!

This Victorian Collar!

Yes...I bought one, the second one actually :P Quick, there's only 6 left from her first ever release :D

A few outfits and some other Bits and Bobs

Hello possums! Yes, my last post wasn't a fluke I am back! And I know I'm a little late but to get back in the wing/spirit of things I decided to post an outfit from last week when I went to work for Red and Black Week!

Red isn't a colour I'd normally wear a lot of and it was a nice change I guess...but not long after I was back to old habits :P

And Black Milk reposted my pic below!

Also check out the snow we drove through last tuesday n our way to Sydney! Yes, it does indeed snow is Australia :P

This photo was taken on the same day...0.o like..3 hours later

Banana bread with Mutter!

Also...P.S. crime scene bandaids... I haz dem

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sit Back and Sip on this Notion

I'm back!! Yes it's been forever and I owe all those who do actually take the time to read and view this rather disorganised mess of thoughts and images a great big apology for my prolonged absence!

Things have been complicated. I had no internet, then I had no home and yes it was all over the place, this thing I call my life :P haha

In any case, so much stuff has gone on, I thought I'd just throw together so pics and captions to give you guys a slight overview of what's been happening in the life of this little Green Fairy.

I've tried to keep them in a somewhat chronological order:

 Kitty sad because no pacman plushie was had that day at the arcade :(

Kitty and Shaun got me Illamasqua lipgloss as a belated chrissie present!


My parents got a rag doll kitten named Maximilian (I snapped this photo when I moved back to Orange...yeah I'm back in the middle of nowhere :/)


Max and I cuddling and sleeping ^_^


I dressed up all steampunky for Iron fest and this was my outfit :)


Roxi visited all the way from Perth!

 I gots me a pair of Jeffrey Campbells!

 And with leggings...

Pretty Evil Cheerleader dress by Blackmilk

That's all my internet connection and my patience can take for tonight (Part two soon!) It's good to be back!

Over and Out gothlings and the like

The Green Fairy