Thursday, December 2, 2010

Corset Mania

So, I am of the opinion that a girl, especially lovely ladies of the Gothic persuasion can NEVER have enough corsets. So keeping this in mind, when I buy corsets I always have another lined up for my next purchase (unfortunately they're generally a little bit pricey and so I can't really afford/justify buying them all the time).

Anyway so a few months ago I purchased my first Louise Black corset, unfortunately the 10 week waiting time means I still haven't got it -sadface- . So it'll look like this when I get it, only in emerald green instead of black:


So, now for my next corset! I've decided it's to be one from Allycat Metalware, and I have cut the list down to a few options. Though, each have their pros and cons, such as some of them not having any clasps at the front, making them difficult to get on and off (especially dreadful when you've been drinking, ergh :P).

Okay, so here they are:

Circuit Board

Probably one of my top favourites. I think I'd get it in this neon yellow-green colour, but with black side panels and green circuit detailing.

The next of the option list is this nifty little number:

Steampunk prop off-centre Clip

I'm a little concerned with this one that the clips in the front wouldn't be all that secure. Other than that however I love it, though I have two gold and black corsets already.

Next is a rather simple style, but nice nonetheless:

Steampunk Bolted Seams

This two has the issue of being black and gold (Somewhat obsessed with that colour combo :P) but otherwise I think it's simplicity would make it easy to make it work with pretty much any outfit. I also think the bolts might be slimming?

Moving on:


This one is much the same as the above but without the bolt detailing and with lovely removable hip panels. I think they might be quite useful for hiding unwanted hip flab :P Plus this even more so would suit copious amounts of outfits, with or without the panels.

And last but not least:

Industrial Steampunk

I LOVE this one so much, but unfortunately it has no front clasps, making getting dressed and undressed somewhat problematic.

Sigh, so many choices! Oh well, I'm sure I'll make up my mind by the time I can afford it surely.

Which do you guys like best, I'd love to hear your opinions!

Anyway, that's all for tonight.

Over and out.



  1. none of the photos other than the first one will work for me :(

  2. None of them work for me either, but I love Allycat Metalware =)

    "I think the bolts might be slimming" - only in the Goth scene... =D

  3. Oh I'm sorry guys, is it better now? I copied the pictures to my computer and uploaded them that way, hopefully it fixes the problem!

    Haha, I didn't think of it as humourous until you mentioned it, but yes I can see that is quite a goodie :P

  4. Yep yep, much better :)

    Hmm I like the one without front clasps best - typical!

  5. Haha, well when it comes to looks I completely agree that no clasps looks much tidier, but I like the ease :P

  6. I am going to start making my first corset for myself! As soon as I fight my miserly tendencies and fork over the 90 bucks for materials...

  7. Ooo how exciting! Are they quite hard to make? Yeah, 90 bucks is a bit to part with. What is it going to look like?

  8. I got the last one on your list ;)

    And I would loooove to have that one from Louise Black , but damn, it is an expensive hobby we goths have :D

  9. Oh coolies, what's it like to wear? I've been wanting to ask someone with first hand experience.

    Oh YES it is :P I'm hoping to get my Louise Black one soon, it's been over 10 weeks and the wench hasn't replied to my etsy messages :P *shakes a fist*