Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Goth Challenge - Day 7

(I'm doing two today because I didn't do one yesterday.)

Ten of your favourite goth bands

These won't all be specifically 'goth' as such (as I'm not really into that many strictly 'goth' bands), but rather ones that are associated with/have elements of the subculture.

In no particular order;

1. Ashbury Heights

2. Marilyn Manson

3. Emilie Autumn

4. Covenant

5. The 69 Eyes

6. Voltaire

7. And One

8. Shiv-R

9. Apocalyptica

10. VNV Nation

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Edit: I realised after posting this I didn't really take the time to think this through, just listed the first bands that came to mind. I don't wanna change the above so I'll just a few more that I love just as much:

God Module, Aesthetic Perfection, Gothminister, Velvet Acid Christ, Combichrist, Detroit Diesel, Snog, Repear, Psyclon Nine, Neuroticfish, Nachtmahr, HIM, Freakangel, Grendel, Angelspit, Dawn of Ashes, Diary of Dreams, Jesus on Extasy, Leaves' Eyes, Malice Mizer, London After Midnight, Dope Stars Inc., Kidney Thieves, Deathstars (?goth?), Lennon Murphy

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