Friday, October 25, 2013

Mail, Hair and Random Happenings

So Monday was a busy mail day...

Packages from mac, BM and a lovely little parcel from a sweet friend arrived ^_^

I was so excited to recieve my mac face and body in white and can't wait to give it a proper test run this weekend! I don't think I'll be doing a full on review because well...there's a tonne of them already out there I would imagine as this product isn't exactly new.


I also received these lovely Illamasqua polishes curtsey of the gorgeous Kierra over at Look What the Bat's Dragged in; thank you, beautiful! I encourage you to check out her blog if you're into nail polish at all, she has great taste and an extensive collection of nail polish.

  I didn't waste time painting my nails with Hemlock, I wish I could properly capture the colour; it's amazing!

And lastly the freak stew skirt from Black Milk, love this print!

And I guess it's on to other news...

This green fairy had to pop into...a disguise :-( Looking in the mirror makes me incredibly depressed but at least this way I should be able to get a job and get the hell out of this cesspool.

And here's some more recent pics of the hair that's been around for about a week now..

Max and I enjoying cuddles

Looking more and more like *my* Shepard every day :P

 Awesome cup Luke gave me :D

Aaaand some Halloween stuff..I've enjoyed the last few weeks without the folks and as such have decorated the house...Though I'll probably have to take it down today as I don't think they'll let me keep them :/


 Making bats, thanks Gothically Yours! Here's the tutorial.

I think I might sign off for tonight

Over and out

The Green (inwardly) Fairy


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MAC Meets Rick Baker

So I've never really been blown away by MAC products, I've always been drawn more towards brands like Illamasqua which seem to want to harness creativity and individuality. However the latest collection brought out by MAC for Halloween had me do a double take. So most of the items I was all yeah, cool but I'll pass..but then, what's this? FACE AND BODY IN WHITE?! BUY BUY BUY!

I know it's available any time in macpro, but I can't be bothered faking being a professional make up artist or getting a professional friend to get it and you never really know for sure buying elsewhere whether you're getting a fake product. Honestly, why isn't it just a standard product? I mean, surely there are some pale non-goths who would want to mix their custom foundation colour? Silly companies, you can pretend all you want that pale people don't exist but it won't make it true.

So yeah...Now I'mma be poor for a while but I regret nothing.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Being Sick Sucks; What My Day Entailed

So since about Thursday or something last week I've been struck down with some variety of man flu that each day after waking up I've noticed has gotten that slight bit worse. You know the type, not really anything life threatening just general lethargy and a bunch of symptoms that don't actually impede you in a large way from doing anything but make you feel like absolute crap whilst you force yourself through it and as such turn you into the biggest complainy-pants in the universe.

Well today whilst on day 6 or so of this ever-growing pain in the general ears-nose-throat area, I also noticed upon waking that my eyes were oozing some sort of delicious gunk that was just another punch in the face and so despite my doctor-avoiding efforts so far, I kind'a had to pay him a visit today know, I could actually continue to see outta ma' face.

Aaannyway, I decided I'd earned some takeaway food seeing as I was feeling so miserable and so grabbed a meatball sub and some nectar of the gods on the way home and hauled up in the back room on the squishy lounge chair and enjoyed 'Let Me In' or as some (myself included) may know it, the American remake of the masterpiece 'Let the Right One In'. Yes I say masterpiece, I adored it.

To my utter amazement it wasn't god-awful! However that may be due to me being slightly biased because Chloe Moretz starred in it...She's amazing, right? I love her anyhow. So, yes, it wasn't as visually appealing, haunting or as artistic as the original. Nor as romantic. Still, I would recommend it. It's not often Hollywood don't completely fuck something you love up, so take the opportunity whilst it's around. Also I loved the music in this film. I must say, there were times when it bordered on something very akin to Hitchcock and I could literally feel my heart beating against my ribcage. I love when that happens!

Something which I love about both films and which I'm sure some mothers in America would be outside whatever studio produced this waving their rolling pins about in the air in protest about is the way this pre-teen romance (I use the term romance loosely) is portrayed. I'm sure people were up in arms in regard to a naked 12 year old girl sharing a bed with a boy but it's so..funny in a way. Owen is on the cusp of puberty and such has a natural curiosity about the opposite sex yet he's not quite sure what it is he wants because well, he's not really quite there yet and it's all so innocent and adorable. It makes me chuckle a bit every time. Dunno if that's weird but I love seeing things I foresee as being a wee bit controversial, especially when they depict perfectly natural human behaviour. And as we know, nobody should be portraying perfectly natural human behaviour, how ludicrous. 

Anyway I should stop ranting. I feel a strong urge to play Dragonage again and so I think I might do that. I'm off to slay baddies and romance elves in a paracetamol-fuelled haze, my lovelies. Hope this hasn't been too boring, I don't normally do a lot of writing on here. Lemme know, I like to know what you guys wanna see.

Over and out

The Green Fairy


Friday, September 27, 2013

Arrival of First Bellabox and Musing about 'Gothinabox'

A little while ago I was fortunate enough to win a competition on instagram run by Beginning Boutique. Along with a $100 gift voucher (which I unashamedly spent entirely on lipstick) I won a years subscription to Bellabox. Bellabox is an Australian company that sends out monthly packages filled with a variety of beauty samples.

Here's this month's box, less one can of tanning spray which I gave to a co-worker of my mum's...Of which I'll definitely miss :P

Although some of these items are useful I can't say I was blown away by my first package...Especially it's questionable reading material...And in true looking a gift horse in the mouth fashion (as some of you who are friends of mine on facebook may have seen) I mused over what one of these monthly sample boxes could be like if they were catering to the goth/alternative community. The concept of a box arriving at my door every month filled with black goodies (or perhaps neons if you're a cyber goth...obviously we'd customise it for your particular sub-sub-culture haha) excites the hell outta me. A friend suggested I start doing it...and the thought was pretty thrilling...I dunno, who wants to start a business with someone with zero organisational skills and no business experience? Haha. Anyway, someone should make gothinaboxes a reality... You can have my idea just give me a free life time subscription and a shoutout :P

That's about all I got for tonight, I'm off to watch more Boardwalk Empire. Speaking of which, oh my goth; i adore Angela's swimmers in Season two! Like, seriously; I'm in love!

If you haven't seen BE and you love gratuitous violence and political coups (not to mention Steve Buscemi and fucking Harrow) then I seriously suggest you check it out.

Over and out

The Green Fairy xx

A Day Out At the Gallery - Taxidermy Exhibit

On Wednesday I had a lovely day out, most of which was spent at the local gallery here visiting the latest exhibit on display featuring a large variety of preserved exotic animals. I do believe that the placement and juxtaposition of many of the animals was meant as a commentary on humanity's constant grapple with it's futile attempts to control the natural order of things. Whatever the meaning behind it, it was certainly confronting and I must say the fighting urge to touch everything was extremely difficult.

Here's a few pics I quickly ran around and snapped before we left;

 I think it's one of the best exhibits we've had here, not that we get many. Hope you enjoyed the little peek of it!

Oh and here's the obligatory outfit I wore:

 New ring; thanks Kelly ^_^

That's all for tonight!

Over and out,

The Green Fairy xx

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Look Out it's Another Outfit Post

 So yesterday...Well actually it's after 12 so I suppose the day before yesterday I had lunch with my good chums Kelly and Luke and I decided I was in the mood to actually put some effort into my make up that day. And as a result cue the neutral eye make up/ I suppose you could sort of call it a smokey eye. Done with the awesome naked palette by Urban Decay.

Outfit flatlay

 Make up close up

ME N7 leggings and PVC skater skirt by Black Milk Clothing
Black shirt and grey militaria jacket by Saxony
Jabot by FanPlusFriend
Boots are from Big W

Ergh I really need to do something with my hair. I want a job and I guess I just need to suck it up and dye my hair a non-'offensive' colour :( I was thinking maybe all black with some pure white in the fringe but I dunno...I just wish people would get over this inbuilt prejudice they have whereby they assume someone with oddly coloured hair is a drug addict, high school drop out who murders kittens and worships Satan. The truth is in my experience with the positions of employment I've held in customer service that my education, diction, intellect and general morals is of much better quality than the average Neanderthal philistine that lives in my area.

And on another note I have no idea what's going on with this blog any more. I barely have anything to post about let alone to say. The outfit things are an easy way to make sure there's not large breaks in posting but I guess it's gets pretty dull but what else can I contribute? Anything I'm vaguely knowledgeable on has been done before to a standard I couldn't muster the energy to repeat let alone surpass. People have suggested starting afresh but I just feel it'd be the same problem, with attention slightly detracted from it for a few moments by change only to fall back in the same rut again and in the mean time losing all (if any) readers.

Sigh, sorry I guess I'm just thinking out aloud...or whatever the term would be.

I'mma go now and continue to watch Dead Like Me episodes for a while before retiring to a book and a chai. I've been reading a lot of Poe the last few days. Ha, I started reading the Raven out aloud to my mother who'd hadn't heard it before and my extremist christian grandmother left the room faster than the speeding bullet himself. So freakin' hilarious. Poe is now Satanic mantra apparently. So don't give a shit! If it means she leaves a room and I get to read Poe aloud what the fuck is there to lose hahaha. Also about the start the Hobbit again with my two friends Luke and Kelly in expectation for the film that shouldn't be too far off. EMMERRGERRD CERRBERRBERRTCHH AS THUURR NERCROOMERRNCURRR!


Speaking of Cumberbatch I picked up the new the dvd Star Trek film...Think I might wait and open it this weekend with the chums ^_^

Anyway I should head off

Nighty night readers

The Green Fairy

Monday, September 16, 2013

Belated Birthday Gaming

Last night my friends Kelly and Luke joined me for several rounds with Captain Kavok in an interactive boardgame that I haven't played since I was a child. Luke found me a mint condition, un-opened game for my birthday! (pictured below)

Luke is seriously THE best gift giver, ever.

A new addition to my wall, thank you Kelly ^_^ (As you can see last night had a bit of a theme!)


Blast of a night and I was so thrilled to finally get to open my present! Thanks guys

That's all for now,

The Green Fairy xx