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What dye do you use in your hair?

I use a mixture of the 3 colours from Directions La Riche to get my own special shade :) I also use manic Panic's Enchanted Forest on the bronze ends of my hair where a darker colour is required.

What's your natural hair colour?

Brown  :/

Where did the title of your blog come from?

ThouShaltNot's song 'If I Only Were a Goth'. It is a sling-off of the tune from The Wizard of Oz; 'If I Only Had a Brain'.

Where do you live?

In Australia :)

Why do you call yourself 'The Green Fairy'?

When I was at uni I began to develop an obsession with absinthe, and naturally what with having green hair as well it was only a matter of time that someone referred to me as 'The Green Fairy'. I guess I took this as a reassurance that it was a good nickname :p

Furthermore I also had a photo on the Green Fairy's facebook fan page for a while having attended an event sponsored by them. It was rather exciting! :)