Saturday, August 14, 2010

Easy being green

So I haven't posted in ages, and I apologise for that if there's anyone out there that reads my blog religiously (A girl can dream :P ) but it's been due to a multitude of reasons. First of all our Internet was down for 8 days, and it seriously nearly killed me. I was like crack whore Lindsay Lohan at the beginning of a stint in rehab. I ate a whole packet of biscuits despite not being hungry, I wandered around aimlessly, I played like a bazillion games of minesweeper, and got up and turned the modem off and on around about 200 times a day; it was horrid!

Then, a day after the net came back up, my hard drive decided to have a coronary and shat itself, taking all the intricacies of my life along with it. Luckily I had backed up about 2 weeks ago, I'm kind'a lazy with that, but yeah lost about 3 gigs of music which I had just recently acquired, which is really annoying.

So for the last 10 days or so I have had no computer. I feel faint saying it out loud, or in text..or whatever. I'm currently on my mum's computer, and she's been good enough to let me borrow it a couple of times. She also bought me a new hard drive which has arrived and we installed it a couple of days ago, now we're just waiting for software my uncle's sending down.

Anyway, the weather had been pretty much constantly raining for the past 2 weeks and so taking photos has been kinda not possible despite that I have so many new editions to talk about!

I will talk about one today however, so I went to Sydney last week, not for a very nice reason but Mum and I wanted to get away from my Dad and Nan who we'd been stuck with all day and were driving us a little loopy, so we went for a wander in Newtown. Mum was interested in having a little peek into the subculture that I've claimed as my own and so we visited a few of the awesome shops along enmore road. Anyway after about 40 minutes in Gallery Serpentine, we were walking back up to the train station and I asked if we could take a little stop into In Visible Light, because a few years ago I got a really nice hat from there. Anyway a had a discussion with the lovely folks in there for quite a while, they were really sweet! However, probably just saw me as a dollar sign on legs but anyway, I bought a pair of Hulk green Colourvue lenses, and I love them! I had so much trouble deciding between them and the glowing green ones that react with UV light. I ended up going with these because they were cheaper, but I admit I'll probably get the other pair anyway :P

Anyway, here;s a picture that Grace look today after the photo shoot I had with her. I gothed her up and took some photos around our paddock. Hopefully I'll get those soon, and when I get my computer back I'll upload them here.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say,





  1. Hehe im like that when my phone internet breaks. Like every 5 minutes ill pick up my phone and try to make it work, then chuck it : p

  2. Very cool lenses ^.^ I have recently been yearning for oddly colored eyes.

  3. Yes, I feel an obsession coming on, these were my first ever pair. I want mooooreee:P