Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A few outfits and some other Bits and Bobs

Hello possums! Yes, my last post wasn't a fluke I am back! And I know I'm a little late but to get back in the wing/spirit of things I decided to post an outfit from last week when I went to work for Red and Black Week!

Red isn't a colour I'd normally wear a lot of and it was a nice change I guess...but not long after I was back to old habits :P

And Black Milk reposted my pic below!

Also check out the snow we drove through last tuesday n our way to Sydney! Yes, it does indeed snow is Australia :P

This photo was taken on the same day...0.o like..3 hours later

Banana bread with Mutter!

Also...P.S. crime scene bandaids... I haz dem


  1. Awesome tights! Love your blog. xx


  2. seconded. they are amazing.
    can i ask where you found
    your tights?

  3. Love those tights!

    Please do check out my style blog as well:

  4. Those tights are amazing, aswell in green as in red! Love them both!