Sunday, November 23, 2014

Priceline Sale Haul and a Few Bits and Bobs

Hey all, hope everyone is doing well. I've started to hit a lot at the moment so I haven't really felt like blogging but haul posts are super simple so I chucked some photos up. I always feel a massive lack of inspiration when I sit down to the keyboard. Anyway, drop a comment below if there's anything you really like to see that might give me some inspiration for what to post. Maybe I'm just not into blogging any more :P

Moving on! Priceline had a 40% off sale for a few days this week so obviously I couldn't resist the urge to grab some stuff...More than I planned bu luckily I got a bit of extra work so it doesn't matter haha.


 'cause you can never have enough green eyeliner, right? :P

This has so much hype, we'll see how it goes.

 The word 'butter' in the title kind'a got me

The next item is from a cute company actually in my region (or there abouts) called Kook Collars

 Green wrapping paper - how did she know?! :D

 Obviously wouldn't wear it with this outfit but you get the idea :P I really like it.

 Someone on reddit photoshopped some eyebrows on me:P Whadda you all think? :P

The MomenT in dusty green - eeee!

 I'm so in love!

Trying out some of the new make up acquisituions. Forgive my lack of foundation - eek :P

That's all for today - did any of my fellow Aussies pick up anything at Priceline in their sale?

Over and out

The Green Fairy


  1. Silly! You can never have too much green anything! The hat looks great on you! I like the last set of eyebrows best, they look super haughty!

    1. Duh, I know :P Aww thank you, gorgeous :D Haha Same, I lurve lookin' super angry haha

  2. That Covergirl mascara has the best wand of any I've ever used.
    Loooove the green hat and think the third eyebrow pic is the best.
    Potential blog posts - get a bit existential on us....personal inspirations, coveted items, travel ideas? And some makeup tutorials/reviews! Glad to see you blogging again (but I'm staying anon)

  3. I've tried it about three times now. I dunno, I'm still a bit on the fence about it. I like that it looks more natural than a lot of others I've tried but I also feel they don't add as much ...'oomph' as I'd like. I think maybe they're just supposed to enhance your natural lashes and seeing as I have very pitiful excuses for lashes, I still end up unimpressed haha.

    I'm not really a fan of thick brows to be honest - I think it's very rare for them to suit someone but I also believe people have their own feelings on what is beautiful and I'm all for that.

    Haha, I feel like every day of my life is a small existential crisis (bit of a drama queen over here) and it'd probably get old fast, but I'll give it a think over. Thanks so much for your suggestions, if you get any more ideas don't hesitate to let me know :)

    Okay, thanks Anon ^_^ <3

  4. Damnit, I didn't know there was a sale! I would have bought stuff >____<
    Baaahaha, the last eyebrow is so angry looking! But I like the other two.