Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Happenings

 Hello my fellow bloggers! I hope everyone is well and had lovely holidays. Unfortunately this Christmas wasn't one of the best I've had being away from my family here in Melbz. However I was consoled by episodes of Full Metal Alchemist, Skyrim and 'Christmas Chess' hehehe.

My mum gave me a little money to buy myself some gifts so I bought myself a Byakuya plushie :D

 And a pair of Black Milk leggings :D

And my friends Sarah and Mark got me this cute gift from Lush! I think it's very suiting :D

'Christmas Chess' thanks go to my housemate :p

Moving on from Chrissie I had a loving evening out a few days prior at a friend's birthday party held at Melbourne's House of Rock! I'd forgotten how fun it was to dress up and go out and what not. I was planning to don the false lashes as well but my prescription contacts weren't behaving unfortunately.


 Sarah, Mark and I also visited the beach! I had to sit out having a frolic though because I didn't come prepared for the sun :/



Yay for cider!

Oh yeah...and I cut my hair :P


  1. Love the haircut! I'm doing something similar for the norwegian championship in hairdressing :D

  2. @Sara K: Gahh awesome! I freaking love Byakuya, my message tone on my phone is him saying 'Bankai; Senbonzakura Kageyoshi' :P *high five for fan girls*

    @Caroline Carnivorous: Thanks! I succeeded in making it asymmetrical like I wanted but it's still not quite right, I need professional help :P Ooo that sounds exciting! Good luck (I'm presuming it's a competition...)