Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fairy, Where You Been?

 So my interwebs at home is a little intermittent hence why my posts lately have been rather erratic. Any ways to make up for it here are some pics from happenings in the Melbz :D

Tetris, kitty we are cat sitting :D

 'tis a cat

Tis a Growlithe


And last night we hads a sleep over at Kitty and Growlithe's place :D

I'm hoping to be back in interwebs society soon!

Over and out


  1. I'm confused, are you cat-sitting a cat or were you cat-sitting Kitty?

  2. you are a fucking poser,i didnt see any REAL gothic bands in your itunes favorite list.and marilyn mason?WOW,i cant believe someone actually has an interest in victorian goth,but listens to the music that defies it.your a fucking disgrace to the gothic subculure.its because of people like you that the gothic subculture keeps getting rarer and rarer.

  3. ^"blackdove666" sounds like a poser-ish name to begin with.

  4. No, guys, don't you GET it? You can ONLY like things part of your IMMEDIATE subcultural alliance. You can't like a variety of things, and have to always to EXACTLY as random strangers on the internet dictate! Damn you, Fairy, for like, not being exactly the same as blackdove666, and knowing how to spell basic words like "you're", "subculture", "Manson" and "it's".

    Ugh, I can't stand being around such a bunch of decent human beings-- I mean. POSERS. I'm off to listen to the Cure, mope about how my mum is a comformist bitch and flip my hair from my eyes in time with flicking ash from the cigarette I sharpie'd black.

    Sincerely, xxxxGothicxCrowxGirlxBlackxRavenbirdxObsidianxMcNight66666661313136666xxxx

  5. From now on, all our blogs will look like this:

    Spent the whole day smoking clove cigarettes, listening to The Cure and writing depressing poetry.

    Something exciting happened today: I bought new eyeliner. It's black.
    I also listened to The Cure and smoked clove cigarettes.

    Satan-worshipping-day. I also listened to The Cure and wrote some more depressing poetry.

    I listened to The Cure, smoked clove cigarettes and wrote some depressing poetry.

    Sorry I skipped a day, I was too busy listening to The Cure, writing depressing poetry and smoking cloves.

    Sincerely, BlackRoseEbonyMoonshadowGothMaidenDarkAngel666

  6. Nigga, you just went Full Retard.

    That is all.
    Sincerely, ObsidianNightshadeTotally-Not-A-PoserGothicBabyTearsOfBloody-Blood-Blood666EvilNumbersOfDoom.


    Mr. Wearing black and listening to the "right music" automatically makes me a "True Goth" Jr.


  7. wow if you don't like it then don't read it and move on.No need to go out of your way to be negative.
    Ubber Goth elitist are the real disgrace to the loving, open, and free subculture we have.