Friday, March 1, 2013

So...Some catch up?

So to catch up a little here's a bunch of pics from my instagram. You can follow me @sydneysomething :)

 My favourite item; Cthulhu dress by Black Milk

 Cam whoring a bit...I liked my make up the other night..

 Outfit to see Lincoln the other night

Men of Dunharrow dress by Black Milk

(This is Tim..My other half as of the end of last year ^_^)

Cam whoring...

 Hobbit soundtrack is freakin' awesome!!!!!!!

 Christmas present from my friend Luke :)

 More cam whoring...

 Shark Girl Dress by Black Milk Clothing (artwork by Shichigoro)

 Garrus; christmas present from Timothy :)

 Maximillian got excited about the new Wii Mumsie bought :P

Mass Effect phone case from Tim :D

And these puppies (in the centre) will be mine as of Monday hopefully :D 

Plus I start volunteering at the Salvos on Monday!


  1. You look adorable in black eyeliner and non brows!!

  2. I'm drewling over that cthulu dress!!! I wants one!!!!! I like your blog, keep on going girl!

  3. I am so glad you're back to blogging! =D And naturally I love your photos, as always. xx

  4. awesome outfits! and makeups!

  5. The tights are lovely o;
    Lucky you!