Monday, April 15, 2013

Keepin' It Goth...Even When You Exercise

Hello again lovelies I hope you're all well ^_^

Today I was planning on talking about how to keep in real...goth style when you're running, gyming, lifting...your arm to put on eyeliner (seriously, you need muscles to keep that arm up for so long) or whatever it is that you prefer to keep healthy.

I know, I know who the hell likes exercise anyway? It hurts and it takes effort and there's sun and I can't game whilst I'm working out (though that's a freakin' good idea, I'd be so fit if I had to actually run on a treadmill everywhere I wanted to go in Oblivion). I've always been rather lacking in passion towards  y'know...doin' stuff but my partner is rather active and I would like to be able to keep up with him. Plus unfortunately I'll have to have some surgery soon (ergh :S) and I want to try and lose some of my sub cutaneous fat before that happens.

So I thought I'd share the few little things that help motivate me to get active :D

Firstly it's this app:

It's called 'Zombies, Run!' as you may have gathered and it's awesome! You start it up and it gives you a whole storyline about the apocalypse and how you've gotta go on missions to get supplies for the remaining survivors. In between info from the app it plays music from your library. Sometimes when running/walking, you run into the horde and you have to run until you can't here their brain-starved growls in your earphones. Super creepy and super awesome, I love it and highly recommend it.

The other thing that helps, for me anyway is fashion. I see alot of these cool looking commando-esque sports bras and thought.. 'Ooo they're nifty.' So I bought this one:

For reference it's the champion Max Support 360. So...yeah after I'd spent a small fortune on good quality sports bras, I did kind'a need to justify it by exercising. And yeah...If I wanna buy anything exercise related I have a price in activity I have to pay :P

So after I get the new bra I bought today I'm going to have quite a few km's to run or chin ups to do :P

By the way it was this one:

The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra, which seems to have some pretty good reviews. Hopefully my boobs will actually fit in this one :S (hope that's not tmi :P) I dunno what it is about them...I just feel so Ellen Ripley-esque badass when I wear them, so...yeah whatever works, right? :P

Plus it helps when one of your favourite brands starts a gym line right?

 Ribs Tank by Black Milk Clothing

Haha and Black Milk even call their full length gym tights 'ninja pants' which you know..makes them 10x more desirable for me.

Ninja Pants by Black Milk Clothing

Oh and I almost forgot! Having an almost endless range of colourful shoes to choose from helps too ;)

These are mine:

Nike Downshifter 5 in green/black suits me to a 'T' ^_^

Anyway I might call that a day

Over and out bloggers!


  1. I love the new gym clothes at Black Milk! There's no excuses for not going for a jog, now that I can look cute too!

  2. Ninja pants! I love it!

    These are definitely good ideas to make people want to exercise more. I just wear boring gym gear I got for cheap cause I can't bear to spend money on things I hate. It's probably the only time I look 'normal' Ha ha.

  3. @Annetoinette: Yeah I know, gah no excuses :P

    Laura: I know right! *makes kung fu-like movements* :D