Friday, October 25, 2013

Mail, Hair and Random Happenings

So Monday was a busy mail day...

Packages from mac, BM and a lovely little parcel from a sweet friend arrived ^_^

I was so excited to recieve my mac face and body in white and can't wait to give it a proper test run this weekend! I don't think I'll be doing a full on review because well...there's a tonne of them already out there I would imagine as this product isn't exactly new.


I also received these lovely Illamasqua polishes curtsey of the gorgeous Kierra over at Look What the Bat's Dragged in; thank you, beautiful! I encourage you to check out her blog if you're into nail polish at all, she has great taste and an extensive collection of nail polish.

  I didn't waste time painting my nails with Hemlock, I wish I could properly capture the colour; it's amazing!

And lastly the freak stew skirt from Black Milk, love this print!

And I guess it's on to other news...

This green fairy had to pop into...a disguise :-( Looking in the mirror makes me incredibly depressed but at least this way I should be able to get a job and get the hell out of this cesspool.

And here's some more recent pics of the hair that's been around for about a week now..

Max and I enjoying cuddles

Looking more and more like *my* Shepard every day :P

 Awesome cup Luke gave me :D

Aaaand some Halloween stuff..I've enjoyed the last few weeks without the folks and as such have decorated the house...Though I'll probably have to take it down today as I don't think they'll let me keep them :/


 Making bats, thanks Gothically Yours! Here's the tutorial.

I think I might sign off for tonight

Over and out

The Green (inwardly) Fairy



  1. Love the nailpolishes! The Halloween manicure is cool, too! Is it decals?

  2. Your black hair looks so good! I know it's not the same as green, but still it's beautiful! Also, Hemlock is an amazing colour! x