Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Being Sick Sucks; What My Day Entailed

So since about Thursday or something last week I've been struck down with some variety of man flu that each day after waking up I've noticed has gotten that slight bit worse. You know the type, not really anything life threatening just general lethargy and a bunch of symptoms that don't actually impede you in a large way from doing anything but make you feel like absolute crap whilst you force yourself through it and as such turn you into the biggest complainy-pants in the universe.

Well today whilst on day 6 or so of this ever-growing pain in the general ears-nose-throat area, I also noticed upon waking that my eyes were oozing some sort of delicious gunk that was just another punch in the face and so despite my doctor-avoiding efforts so far, I kind'a had to pay him a visit today know, I could actually continue to see outta ma' face.

Aaannyway, I decided I'd earned some takeaway food seeing as I was feeling so miserable and so grabbed a meatball sub and some nectar of the gods on the way home and hauled up in the back room on the squishy lounge chair and enjoyed 'Let Me In' or as some (myself included) may know it, the American remake of the masterpiece 'Let the Right One In'. Yes I say masterpiece, I adored it.

To my utter amazement it wasn't god-awful! However that may be due to me being slightly biased because Chloe Moretz starred in it...She's amazing, right? I love her anyhow. So, yes, it wasn't as visually appealing, haunting or as artistic as the original. Nor as romantic. Still, I would recommend it. It's not often Hollywood don't completely fuck something you love up, so take the opportunity whilst it's around. Also I loved the music in this film. I must say, there were times when it bordered on something very akin to Hitchcock and I could literally feel my heart beating against my ribcage. I love when that happens!

Something which I love about both films and which I'm sure some mothers in America would be outside whatever studio produced this waving their rolling pins about in the air in protest about is the way this pre-teen romance (I use the term romance loosely) is portrayed. I'm sure people were up in arms in regard to a naked 12 year old girl sharing a bed with a boy but it's so..funny in a way. Owen is on the cusp of puberty and such has a natural curiosity about the opposite sex yet he's not quite sure what it is he wants because well, he's not really quite there yet and it's all so innocent and adorable. It makes me chuckle a bit every time. Dunno if that's weird but I love seeing things I foresee as being a wee bit controversial, especially when they depict perfectly natural human behaviour. And as we know, nobody should be portraying perfectly natural human behaviour, how ludicrous. 

Anyway I should stop ranting. I feel a strong urge to play Dragonage again and so I think I might do that. I'm off to slay baddies and romance elves in a paracetamol-fuelled haze, my lovelies. Hope this hasn't been too boring, I don't normally do a lot of writing on here. Lemme know, I like to know what you guys wanna see.

Over and out

The Green Fairy


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