Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween Envy

Anyone who lives in Australia (or who might've visited around late October) can tell you that despite that among its (admittedly dwindling) virtues, you will unfortunately not find an enthusiasm for halloween. Obviously this is quite a disappointment to aussie gothlings like myself and many I would speculate that may be reading this right now.

In light of this situation which I would call nothing less than a tragedy, we Aussie goths have to take what little halloween goodies there are to be had wherever we can find them.

Speaking of which, my chums and I stumbled upon the very small Halloween section at our local Big W and I imagine our squees were audible throughout the entire shopping centre. :P

 Orange and black bliss


 Luke checking out dancing Frankenstein

My little haul, my cthulhu, it's pathetic :P

Here's hoping there's more stuff to come out in the few weeks we have remaining before the 31st. I'm sure there's more exciting things in the big cities but alas, this is what we have to work with in the country. :P

Anyway, that's all for now; how are you other aussies faring in the hunt for Halloween stuff?

The Green Fairy


  1. I know your pain, I'm desperately looking for Halloween stuff but the shops seem to think it's Christmas already.

    1. Exactly! Christmas stuff chokes the stores and is all over food packaging already! Ridiculous.

  2. Oh man, I do the same thing! This year my small cinema's actually doing a Halloween movie fest though. :3

    1. I'm jealous! I should check if there's any chance of the same thing happening at ours. Otherwise it'll be horror flicks at mine :P

  3. I got a cute pumpkin candleholder at the opshop. Not much space at the moment so that will probably be the extent of my decorating. It has a cute face though. Must remember to photograph it.