Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's Haul Time again Part I, feat. Lootcrate and BM

 So the last 2 weeks have been pretty great in regards to mail. I got several full day shifts at work and as such had much more disposable income - hoorah!

Postman literally could not hold all of this awesome and get me to sign at the same time haha


Bosch dress for the win! 

I just kinda wanna go nuts and wear all of this stuff at the same time. :P

Riddle me this! I got so many comments on these when I went down the street in them. I wish I could get a photo that actually shows how freakin' vibrant they are.

The other item I got from Black Milk were the mecha legs however I haven't yet gotten a photo of them. II did enjoy wearing them and watching the new x-men for the second time though - I felt so badassssss. My only fault with them is that I wish they were less blue and more black/grey but eh, it's not too bad.

Moving on to this month's Lootcrate who's theme was 'Fear'. It seems to have very zombie/undead undertones, this one.

You know only good things come with old school 3D glasses

 Woooo 3D!

 I'm guessing this is from a game but it's not one I've played.

 Badge as usual

Oh cthulhu, this thing was the most painful experience in the history of my tastebuds :P I physically could not bare it haha. Like...I can eat lemon pulp but this was on a whole new plain of sour.

 Temp. Tattoos!


 Shirt...with a skull...made out of cats...*twitch* :D

This one for my tastes definitely wasn't as good as the spacey themed one but still not bad.

That's all for now, does anyone else subscribe to Lootcrate?

Over and out

The Green Fairy!


  1. Pretty darned cool. I am tempted to subscribe to lootcrate now!

  2. Love all the Bosch stuff! Don't think there is such a thing as too much! The Riddler leggings look amazing, such a great shade of green! And I love the new X-men movie!

    Kitty skull! So cuuute! Someone get that as a tattoo! Stat!