Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Black Milk Orientated Post

Yes so lately my life has been very Black Milk orientated so I thought if anyone was interested I'll do a post outlining everything.

First here are some pics from the first Melbourne BM girls meet up!!

It was an awesome day and lovely putting some faces to names in real life :)

Also I got a very exciting present in the mail the other day from the BM team! I opened the express parcel that arrived in my mail box to find Slimebath leggings that will be released in December for a 48 Hour special :) They were a thank you gift from the team for being an admin on the Black Milk discussion page! Myself and a whole bunch of the other fans on facebook did a madsive photobomb to get the original bloodbath leggings in different colours and we were lucky enough to impress James enough to get our wish! Really, I freakin' love that company so much.

They go so well with my favourite TUK gun-slinger heels :D

Furthermore Cam was nice enough to design these Elf printed leggings for me just in time for Christmas! Hopefully I'll be able to pick them up with the BM gift certificate I'm hoping to get for Christmas, as I haven't got the funds at present.

Oh and still slightly BM related here are my Matrixes...and my new boots that arrived a little while ago; they have a freakin' light in the heel!!!!

And I just chucked this in for good measure, this pic was taken my second week in Melbourne :D

I think that's about all for now my lovelies :D

Oh wait, one more thing - I won a corset in a halloween contest! I couldn't believe my luck! Thank you Corset Styles! Here's the post.

Over and out!

The Green Fairy


  1. Wow, what amazing pictures and tights-as an American, I wasn't aware of Black Milk prior to this, but I am definitely bookmarking their page. And congrats on winning the corset contest-I've sometimes contemplated entering, but never really got around to it. It's a lovely outfit and a lovely photo, well done on both counts!

  2. That last outfit post, from Melbourne, with you in that frilly outfit looks absolutely AMAZING. You do goth+green really, really well!

    Hadn't heard of Black Milk before, but after this I will have to check out their page. Those swirl pattern leggings are TO DIE FOR! They're half-cyber, half-romantic! <3

    Oh, I've added your blog to my blog roll over at Domesticated Goth :)

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  4. Jamie: Thanks! and Yes you should really check out Black Milk, I'm pretty much obsessed.

    The Housecat: Aww thanks so much, I really love the black and green combo a lot.

    Gah I know the slimebaths are so awesome.

    Hoorah! I'll pop over and check out your blog now :)