Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bad Fairy is Bad Featuring Kitty Lovett: Part I of Melbourne Adventures

WARNING: Pic-heavy post

Yes, I know I'm a terrible person and haven't posted in forever. To be honest I kinda lost my passion for ye olde blog, however Kitty from Bloggery of Gothcat has been staying with me this past week or so whilst she looks at places for her and her Growlithe to live in and all the adventures and photo-taking have inspired me to post once again. Hopefully this is one reignited Green Fairy!

So what have we been up to?

Well Kitty and I attended the Annual Melbourne Gothic and Victorian Picnic in the city on the Saturday just gone and had a blast! We met a bunch of people including a face that might be familiar to some of you out there; Lily Peppermint from Clockwork Mice and Toy Spiders!

Here are some pics from the event photographer, Len Weigh - his site is in the watermark where you can see more pics from the picnic.

Myself, Lily and Kitty


And again...

Kitty and I :)

And here are a few I took on the day

Some strange guy who spoke to us after the picnic... >.>


And here are some other random snaps from my phone

Tram ridin'


Want this sooo bad!

Duck face just to annoy Kitty >.< hehehe

Anyway I have to run to go to the post office and supermarket so I'll do another post with more pics later on. To be continued!


  1. awww you look pretty! and look a tall that skin on your chestal area, oh my!

  2. I have exactly the same blogging-feeling O_O

    Oh & I own the steampunk bible to ^^

  3. Your outfit was gorgeous!

    That event must be really amazing

  4. Gracie: I know! I felt so uncomfortable with all that exposure (and it didn't help that Kitty kept pointing it out! *mutters*)

    Sheridan: I know it sucks right :( Hopefully my blog-blues are gone though!
    Eeep yay! I want one, I'll buy it once I have a job.

    MissVermillion: Thanks :DD
    Yeah it was so fun and everyone was heaps sweet and there were little victoriana kids running around and it was grand :D

  5. Lovely outfits on you three so inspiring, and so many beautiful people (you included)!

  6. You all look wonderful! The event looks like a load of fun!!! Its great that you're blogging again I've missed you!

  7. Fantastic post, lovely seeing you and those shoes are so pretty. xxx

  8. linnea-maria: Everyone's outfit was amazing, obviously there were some stand outs but I was so impressed at the effort everyone put in. Oh thank you! <3 :D

    Smashed Doll: Thanks so much Yes it was really awesome, I'm so glad Kitty convinced me to come along. I'm glad to hear you missed me :) I feel so validated by all these comments! I'm a happy Fairy

    Lily Peppermint: I hope to catch up again soon when you finish with school stuff! And good luckkkk!

  9. Ack you all look gorgeous!

    MUST come hang out with you guys.

  10. What a beautiful event, I wish there was something like that around where I live... The pics are gorgeous, you all look amazing. I love those umbrellas and that shoe rack pic made me drool for a bit! :)

  11. Amy: YES! DO IT NOW! NOW I SAY! Hem. :p

    Kamyria: Perhaps you could organise one? Haha thanks, and yes those shoes! My jaw may have dropped a little :P

  12. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Can't wait to see more pics. :)

  13. Picnics are great! I really enjoyed your pictures too!
    And I didin´t know there was a steampunk bible *.*

  14. I love everyone's outfits here, my designer senses are tingling as well as my model senses at all of these photos.I wish we had more events like this in the US and most importantly that I can afford to go to them.