Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm a Melbournite Now

Hey fellow bloggers, I hope everyone is well. Once again it's been a bit of a gap between posts. Unfortunately a little while ago my Laptop's charger decided to shit itself and so not long after my last post I had to order a new one and so couldn't charge my laptop...and yeah obviously that meant I couldn't use it. So for the past however long I've been spending my time at home playing chess and listening to music. Luckily I received my new one today and all is right again in this Melbourne household.

My first point today is in regard to Voltaire's new album, Riding A Black Unicorn Down the Side of An Erupting Volcano While Drinking From a Chalice Filled the Laughter of Small Children; who's got it?

I've been listening to it pretty much constantly since the day it was released. I quite like it, given not as much as other stuff by our precious goth Lord but still...It has his usual charm :) I normally give new albums a month of listening before I make a decision...It's quite a technical process :P This though is mainly for albums I don't like immediately, if I like them to begin with it's not like I have to keep pondering it...

Furthermore it's less than a week till Black Milk brings out their Halloween Collection; eeep! I'm already so poor. I'm thinking of selling off of few of my newly acquired things 'cause I know there will be many spooky things I'll have to own from this one :D

Here are my BM legbones, to get you all in the mood :D

So fellow darklings, as of this Saturday I will have been living in Melbourne for a whole month! And what have I to show for it...Sigh, since moving I've felt a little melancholy I admit. I have no friends here, no money to go to all the venues and events I want to and no real reason to leave the house. I do of course, because when I didn't I started to go mad(der). My housemate is amazing and sweet and everything, but she has her own life and is constantly busy with school work and when she's not doing that she's working at her part-time job. I've applied for over 100 jobs and haven't heard anything, it's the most depressing thing ever. Sigh. Sorry for the rant, I miss being my chipper self but at present I feel a real lack of purpose. It seems with work I have money and the fact that I work makes me feel I deserve fun which makes me RSVP to anything and everything I can. On the upside I'm really fucking good at Chess now.


In other news the amazing boots I pre-ordered LAST FREAKIN' YEAR are finally in the post on their way to me.

Don't worry, with this distinct lack of life I currently have there will be plenty of opportunity for photo taking in them!

Oh! And on Monday I received this lovely little care package from one of ma' besties, Gracie!

So many useful things; and all green! :D Spaghetti, recipes, cups, sprinkles, hair wax, turkish delight, a kinder surprise, a pen in the shape of a lizard, a mini-sewing kit, pocky, a fold up bag...and that's all I can remember. Thanks lovely!

Speaking of green, here's a craptacular shot of how my awesome green glitter lava lamp thing turns my room into a borg cube :D

Love that shit.

Oh and here's a shot I grabbed whilst I was walking down Chapel St the other day

I love rams and I love that Melbourne has so much cool street art. Maddy, my room mate and I wanna go on one of those tours of the city that show you them.

Anyway that's just about it for tonight/this morning...

Before I finish with this post I just wanted to convey my sympathies to the friends and family of CookingChinchillas. Although I didn't know her very well, I regularly read her blog and she was close to some I hold dear to me. You were a lovely, talented lady and you will be sorely missed. :(


Over and Out

The Green Fairy


  1. Besides the fact that your nuts! Those boots are crazy.
    I love your blog. Clive loves the green factor.
    I hope you get work soon so you can dress up and get some great photo ops out on the streets of Melbourne.

  2. Thanks Neet :D I miss you guys so much, you have no idea :/ You were like...the only adults in my life that I enjoyed talking to and didn't patronise me :P Well...Maybe not Clive :P Are you having the bestest time in Europe? I should check you blog, I haven't checked it in ages.

    Bah same, thanks for the comment; it cheered me up :)


  3. wow, a month in melbourne, craaaazy

  4. I've got Riding a Black Unicorn... too, I think it's brilliant. Especially The Dirtiest Song That Ain't, Innocent, The Mechanical Hirl and the Straight Razor Cabaret.