Friday, September 27, 2013

A Day Out At the Gallery - Taxidermy Exhibit

On Wednesday I had a lovely day out, most of which was spent at the local gallery here visiting the latest exhibit on display featuring a large variety of preserved exotic animals. I do believe that the placement and juxtaposition of many of the animals was meant as a commentary on humanity's constant grapple with it's futile attempts to control the natural order of things. Whatever the meaning behind it, it was certainly confronting and I must say the fighting urge to touch everything was extremely difficult.

Here's a few pics I quickly ran around and snapped before we left;

 I think it's one of the best exhibits we've had here, not that we get many. Hope you enjoyed the little peek of it!

Oh and here's the obligatory outfit I wore:

 New ring; thanks Kelly ^_^

That's all for tonight!

Over and out,

The Green Fairy xx


  1. ha ha lovely exhibition. I like those foxes most

    1. I know right? They're so adorable and impish-looking ^_^

  2. Oh man, I love it! Who was the artist who did it? I love the creativity and the theme involved.

    1. This is from the gallery's website:


      This exhibition brings together 16 installations from Rod McRae’s Tent of Wonders in Orange Regional Gallery Show. Each installation explores issues in and around the environment, biodiversity, pollution, stewardship, climate change and animal /human relations. The principle medium in all the installations was real animal skins (taxidermy). Taxidermy was chosen for its authenticity and its ability to evoke empathy in the viewer in what has become a period of climate fatigue.'

    2. Thanks - I'll have to look his work up!