Thursday, September 19, 2013

Look Out it's Another Outfit Post

 So yesterday...Well actually it's after 12 so I suppose the day before yesterday I had lunch with my good chums Kelly and Luke and I decided I was in the mood to actually put some effort into my make up that day. And as a result cue the neutral eye make up/ I suppose you could sort of call it a smokey eye. Done with the awesome naked palette by Urban Decay.

Outfit flatlay

 Make up close up

ME N7 leggings and PVC skater skirt by Black Milk Clothing
Black shirt and grey militaria jacket by Saxony
Jabot by FanPlusFriend
Boots are from Big W

Ergh I really need to do something with my hair. I want a job and I guess I just need to suck it up and dye my hair a non-'offensive' colour :( I was thinking maybe all black with some pure white in the fringe but I dunno...I just wish people would get over this inbuilt prejudice they have whereby they assume someone with oddly coloured hair is a drug addict, high school drop out who murders kittens and worships Satan. The truth is in my experience with the positions of employment I've held in customer service that my education, diction, intellect and general morals is of much better quality than the average Neanderthal philistine that lives in my area.

And on another note I have no idea what's going on with this blog any more. I barely have anything to post about let alone to say. The outfit things are an easy way to make sure there's not large breaks in posting but I guess it's gets pretty dull but what else can I contribute? Anything I'm vaguely knowledgeable on has been done before to a standard I couldn't muster the energy to repeat let alone surpass. People have suggested starting afresh but I just feel it'd be the same problem, with attention slightly detracted from it for a few moments by change only to fall back in the same rut again and in the mean time losing all (if any) readers.

Sigh, sorry I guess I'm just thinking out aloud...or whatever the term would be.

I'mma go now and continue to watch Dead Like Me episodes for a while before retiring to a book and a chai. I've been reading a lot of Poe the last few days. Ha, I started reading the Raven out aloud to my mother who'd hadn't heard it before and my extremist christian grandmother left the room faster than the speeding bullet himself. So freakin' hilarious. Poe is now Satanic mantra apparently. So don't give a shit! If it means she leaves a room and I get to read Poe aloud what the fuck is there to lose hahaha. Also about the start the Hobbit again with my two friends Luke and Kelly in expectation for the film that shouldn't be too far off. EMMERRGERRD CERRBERRBERRTCHH AS THUURR NERCROOMERRNCURRR!


Speaking of Cumberbatch I picked up the new the dvd Star Trek film...Think I might wait and open it this weekend with the chums ^_^

Anyway I should head off

Nighty night readers

The Green Fairy


  1. Hahaha if Poe is Satanic mantra... then what does she think of you and your 'drug addict' hair and amazing style? :P

    I'm happy that at least one of my grandmothers likes my hair.

  2. awesome pants!! and your makeup is fantastic!

  3. Hahahaha XD Absolutely brilliant that your grandma fled the room because of Poe XD

  4. @Dani: She hates it and thinks I'm the spawn of the devil :P
    My other nanna died before I dyed my hair so I dunno what she would have thought of it but I can guarantee she wouldn't have thought of me as the spawn of satan because of it.

    @Lali: Thank you, gorgeous ^_^ You're too kind xx

    @Margaret: I know right :P I think I see a lot more darker themed poetry readings in my future...Maybe next time I'll break out the Browning - he even has one about a Bishop tehehehe

  5. I've always adored your blog and everything you post Steph! xxx

    1. Aww you're so sweet, Jen my love ^_^ Thank you <3333