Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Things I Gotta Own Before the End of the Year (But I Probably Won't)

1. A Stylish and Practical Hat

It's only spring and already here where I live in Australia our daily temps are hitting the mid '30s (Celcius obvs) and as someone who is always hiding from the sun (I'm sure many of you reading this can relate), I'm always trying to find something to shield be from the damaging rays.

A little while ago I got a free style mag in one of my Bella Boxes that had a page of style inspired by M*A*S*H (obviously - this caught my attention as a huge fan of the show and the colour green haha). Featured was 'The MomenT' hat in dusty green (shown below) by Fallenbrokenstreet, an Aussie brand. I immediately fell in love with this hat and several others and have since been coveting them furiously.

 'The MomenT' by Fallenbrokenstreet

Here are a few others that I'd love to own:

 'The Dingo'

'The BaMbi'

There are heaps of really cute ones that I think would look amazing and add the finishing touch to an outfit whilst protecting your pretty face from the evil sun. So if you're the kind of person who likes hats, check 'em out.

2. Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipstick in 'Lovecraft'

I've never been a fan of KVD, I don't know enough about her to feel any way about her in fact but I mean...Come on...It's a beautiful dusty pink in a black studded bullet and best of all it's freakin' called 'Lovecraft'. I've been holding back the urge to find some way of getting myself a tube in case I'm able to grab one when Sephora FINALLY opens here in early December. Soon (hopefully), my precious...Soon...

Kat Von D Lipstick in 'Lovecraft'

3. More Night Vale Merch

Welcome to Night Vale takes over my life twice a month, I freakin' adore it; I'm obsessed with it and I want the world to bloody well know it.

These are a few things I've got my eye on in their store right now (but realistically I'd buy everything if I could)

Moonlight All-Night Diner Mug

Welcome to Night Vale grey hoodie

 All Hail Tee

4. A New All-Purpose Bag

My current satchel is around 7 or maybe 8 years old and is really starting to look a little worse for wear. I probably need to start thinking about replacing it and I'd like to get something in black this time, as the brown I had before definitely didn't always go so well with my attire. Would also like something a tiny bit wider so I don't have as much trouble fitting books/my kindle in my bag.

5. A New Computer


This is something I need more than anything but it also happens to be more expensive than anything else I need/want. The kind of specs I want don't come cheap and I know that it'd probably be a lot better value for money to just build my own desktop but given my living environment it'd be difficult to work with a desktop (I don't have a desk for one thing). Sigh.  just wanna play new release games already! (I'm looking at you Dragon Age 3...)

The shit people make is just amazing..

Do you have a top 5 things that are just eating away at you to own?

Over and Out

The Green Fairy


  1. Those are gorgeous hats. I recently posted about wanting the hat the wicked witch from the show "once upon a time" wears. Enjoy your summer, it is winter here. We got our first snow of the year yesterday.

    1. Snow! (Cries) Stop making us jealous!

    2. I say we commence operation 'Find Sylvie That Goddamned Hat' :P

      Also I have to agree with Laura here, if you ain't gonna throw some our way stop bragging about your gorgeous snow falls! *shakes a fist skyward* haha :P

  2. Hmmmm I always want ALLL THE THINGS! Lol.

    You look great in hats and that deep kind of sea green would look great on you!

    I like the studded look of that lipstick tube, although the colour wouldn't work for me.

    1. Same haha, I'll just have purchased something and I'll be wanting something else :p

      Oh thank you for saying so though I don't know when you would have seen me in one, I don't really own many.

      I'm not sure it'll suit me either but I want it all the same :P

  3. I, too, would love me some of that Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick.....maybe Santa will bring me some!!