Sunday, November 16, 2014

Look What the Bat's Dragged My Mail Box

I'm very fortunate to be friends with the very generous Kierra of Look What the Bats Dragged In, who sweetly grabs a few things from the Sydney Illamasqua store for me once in a while (if you ever happen to read this, Kierra, thank you so much!). She recently picked up some things from the Illamasqua 'Once' collection which I think came out some time nearing the end of August.

(Apologies for the even-crapper-than-usual photo quality)

 Cute :P

 Love the wrapping paper!

This is a cream eyeshadow - I've been slowly getting more and more into cream products lately and this one has just an amazing formula.

 I love layering this over the Taupe Maybelline Colour tattoo cream shadow. I'm seriously thinking of investing in the other cream shadows from the Once collection.

 Love the packaging too.

 So smooth

 Now this polish...Oh man. It's to die for. Illamasqua make my favourite polishes in the world but this colour is just breathtaking.

 The colour is called 'Melange', sorry it may be hard to see in the photo

 Kierra also managed to grab me the 'Elope' tester from the Illa store - the colour is my fav of all time and is now discontinued :(

 I also got some bonus samples, I'm so spoilt :D

All the Illa products have pretty much become permenant members of my make up/nail routine. I may need to get a back up of Melange if they ever decide to discontinue it, which apparently Illamasqua love doing to things I regularly purchase from them. Sigh, anyway that's all I have for now.

Over and out lovelies!

The Green Fairy


  1. Steph Hiddleston? Why was I not invited to the wedding????

    Nice stash, that bright green is amazing! Why discontinued??? :(

    1. I'm sorry, babe! We eloped. No one was invited. We got carried away in the throws of passion.