Saturday, December 25, 2010

I've been too naughty, I forgot to be nice

Merry Christmas everyone! Or if that doesn't apply, insert whatever you wish there instead! I hope everyone had a good holiday, or for those overseas folks I s'pose you've still got quite a bit of it left, if it's started at all :P. It's about an hour till Christmas is over here, and so come the Boxing Day sales! They probably won't effect me too much, however I'm a bit torn when it comes to what to do with the money I received as my predominant Christmas present. I'm unsire as to whether I should put it away for saving towards my new 5D MkII that I want, or spurge and buy a pair of Doc Martens (for some reason I still don't own a pair :S) Anyway, I hopefully will make up my mind soon enough.

I know a lot of people for whom Christmas is a huge event, however at my house it's never had a whole lot of importance placed on it. In fact, over the past few years it seems to be dying out, and I'm quite sure that in the near future we as a family may not even celebrate it at all. Although my family is Catholic, or was brought up that way anyway, I'm certainly not a believer, and neither is the generation of my parents and their siblings. I think the main reason we still have been celebrating this long is for my Grandmother, and out of habit really.

Anyway, moving on to more exciting things like photos and discussion of presents :P. I didn't really get a large array of presents this year. Like I said, I received some money and in addition a few small things that I, and I presume most people get at Chrissie, essentials like underwear, pjs, socks etc. So other than those, I also got me a nice make up bag with BRUSHES from my auntie, uncle and cousins, which is glorious. I can finally organise my eyeshadows and glitters! Hurrah! Mum also bought me a new camera battery charger before we left for Coffs. Last but not least, I got me this awesome little glitter lava-lamp style thingo that I spotted in some lighting and homewares store the other day on a bargain bench. It was only like 20 bucks, and I was gonna buy it but Mum pushed in at the last minute :D I've got some photos that you'll see further on (and please excuse my artistic license :P I was really bored today).

Anyway, I also decided to do a lazy version of an outfit post. There's no photos of me directly, mainly because I couldn't find anything to sit the camera on in Nanna's yard, and I unfortunately didn't bring my tripod (dammit!). So here goes, I've focussed on details:

This is a little brooch I bought at Worn Wild a few weekends ago in Sydney at the Tentacle Threads stall. It's super cute, unfortunately the little guy finds it a bit hard to keep his chains and pearl straight when attached to my weirdo jabot. - $30

This awesome ring I purchased at Victorian Gothic in Melbourne on my recent trip down. I think it's meant to be a miniature sextet or something, and the little dial thing moves! - $80

This locket, which I haven't really taken off since I got it will now be a permenant part of my wardrobe, therefore I felt it needed a mention. A bunch of us ordered them and had them engraved as a way to keep the memories of our late friend, Georgie and her beautiful sister Bella close to our hearts at all times.
It's very special to me <3

Isabella Bolero from Gallery Serpentine in gold tafetta trim. I know none of these are good pictures, as they just of the sleeves really, but there's one on the product's link here. I was wearing it and decided it was too cold at the time to take it off :P - $180 (It's a custom size so it was a bit more expensive).

I thought I'd actually take some nice photos of my favourite heels, my TUK gun slingers, I think they're called. Never before has my personality been captured in a pair of shoes so perfectly. :P

I just thought I'd also mention the new books I bought, as intelligence is just as much a part of style as any other factor :P. I finally bought that Alastiar Reynolds book, because I never actually got to finish it and borrowed it from the library like...3 times :P And Lian Hearn wrote the Tale of the Otori for those of you who don't know, a series of books of which I was obsessed with for some time. :P

And here's a picture of me and the awesome glitter lamp! I turned it on in the hallway early this evening and it lit the whole thing up with an eerie green light that reminded me of a Borg ship :P This was one of the better shots, and I'm edited a few more (ZOMG I finally have photoshop again! Thank science!) at the moment, but I'll upload a few more so you can see the awesome effect it had on the hallway :D

Hope you enjoyed reading/just looking at the pictures (don't be ashamed, I do it too, all the time!)

Over and out and Happy Holidays dearies!

The Green Fairy



  1. oooh cool lamp picture! i read it all :p

  2. I have the same ring! :P Funny thing moves around indeed O_o And oh i want that octopus <3 & my best friend to, she loves those creatures :P

  3. Oh really! Cool! Yeah it's awesome. Haha, cool, Tentacle Threads have a shit load of mad stuff. I love 'em. I'd totally have one if they lived longer than two years (the miniature ones) and weren't so darned good at escaping.

  4. Ghehehe ^^ yeah ...
    God i should work instead of talking so much XD lol :P