Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let the children lose it, let the children use it, let all the children boogie...

So I went to my good chum, Gracie's 21st last night with the theme 'Come as a song'. I went as 'Starman' by David Bowie, because I'm a massive Bowie fan :P. Anyway as anyone that knows me in real life, I'm also OBSESSED with glitter. I draw my eyebrows with glitter, I use it for eyeliner, put it in my hair sometimes and my handbag is full of the stuff from leaking canisters, so pretty much everything I own that's been in my bag at one point or another has flecks of the light-catching stuff on it :P So I tried a bit of a space-ee-themed look with my makeup and I thought I'd share 'cause I thought it was a bit rad. Oh and keep in mind, the rest of my costume had fallen off by the time the piccies were taken :)

I think that's the best eyebrow I've ever drawn, so I insisted it be acknowledged :P

Myself and Mr Clinton.

In the last two you can see my new Jenni Gloves from Naucler Design. They took FOREVER to arrive, but they're super cute!

99% of my cosmetic glitter is from Medusa's Makeup, that particular shade I believe is called .44 Magnum and the lashes are from Manic Panic.

That's all folks :)



  1. I like glitter too! I don't use it very much though... I love your green glitter eyebrows ^.^