Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pierced Off

So actually, I am a little peeved today because people have just generally been rude and horrid and as far as I can perceive, for completely no reason. But, I thought to cheer me up (in addition to the 9 cans of energy drinks I bought myself ^_^) I would post a new blog update.

So, on the weekend just gone I went to Sydney to see some friends, attend a 21st for my lovely friend Mel and to check out Worn Wild. So I had an utter blast, crashed at my friend Todd's place (thanks dearest!) and *drum roll* visited Polymorph in Newtown for my first facial piercing!

So I got my septum done, which I just randomly decided a week ago or so I wanted. I'd been tossing up for a while whether or not to get a facial piercing, and then I decided to get one but had to decide between a medusa or a septum variety. So I finally decided on the septum because they're easy to hide if need be, and if I decided I didn't like it you can't exactly tell that it's been done with the hole being up inside your nose and all.

Here's a pic of me on Saturday night with Pat, Todd's significant other:

Please disregard how gross my hair is, it was stinking hawt in Sydney and goths and heat don't really mix...well, Steph at least doesn't mix well with heat...ergh

Aaaand here I am at the train station about 10 minutes after it was done, sorry about the crapness of the photo, it was taken on my phone.

I wasn't really sure that I was the kind of person that had facial piercings; that they would suit me, you know? And I guess I'm still not really sure about it, but I promised myself I'd give it at least 6 weeks before I made my decision, so yeah still a while to go, and it may still grow on me.

What do y'all think?

Also, Worn Wild was pretty fun; though I guess I was a little disappointed at the size of the event considering my imagination had conjured this massive story-upon-story event with people everywhere and mountains upond mountains of stuff to buy. There were only a few stalls, and few I was actually interested in. There seemed to be a lot of tacky pvc-wear, which I'm not all that fond of as I can;t see my chub-tacular figure looking any good in, and a lot of run of the mill boring things I could buy anywhere. However there were a few pieces I got that I love which I will post pictures of and descibe in detail next week when I shall be posting on location in COFFS HARBOUR!

...Yeah so it didn't at all earn the caps but for christmas, and hopefully my back will recover from the two weeks off work. Plus, I'll hopefully have a pre-paid wireless broadband connection up there so I'll be able to actually take new pics and post them in high def rather than stealing crap quality pics others have uploaded of me off failbook. I thought the free time might be nice for me to do a few makeup tutorials, which I never seem to get time to do nowadays, because I'm always in a rush doing my makeup because I'm the world's best procrastinator. And, I might take the items I bought on the weekend with me and lay them on the beach, and they can have their own exotic little photoshoot like some bronzed model...except, you know...way better and more pleasing to look at :P Stupid tans being fashionable, they're so ugly and common and unhealthy! I swear, if I get skin cancer it will be some sort of fucked up miracle, because I hiss at the bitch... :P

Anyway, enough of my bitching about the sun. Oh and another reason I'll be doing the photos of them up there is because I've lost my battery charger for my SLR and it's currently dead as the proverbial doornail.

I'll leave you now with a pic from the Bohemian Masquerade Ball which I went to a few months ago during my internet blackout (I think anyway). I just remembered this photo existed and so it's currently my profile pic and I love it! The event, which I promise I'll discuss in detail one day :P, was sponsored by Green Fairy Absinthe, so (how exciting!) for the night I became the toast of the town, and the event's mascot if you will.

Here we are:

Over and out my lovely readers :)




  1. I think it suits you! I have thought about getting a septum piercing but am way too wussy to let someone put a needle through there. Plus I already have two nose piercings so it would probably look awful. I have fifteen piercings (fifteen and a half - one of them is a scaffold) and I cry like a girl almost every single time. >.<

    Absolutely and totally agree with your opinion on tans, one of my best girl friends is always sunbathing and trying desperately to tan, and I'm like, "Yuck. Why do you want to look like you fell in a chip frier?" You can apparently get skin cancer from too LITTLE sunshine as well - so be careful!

    Looove the waistcoat in that first photo - great colour! And the last pic of you is stunning ^^

    P.S. I ended up buying my own tube of absinthe lipbalm. Your fault.

  2. haha, you know tans aren't actually that in at the moment, pale is quite popular :p
    But when it comes to the beach tans will always be in :p

  3. Thanks! It actually didn't really hurt, though I couldn't stop sneezing :P I had the needle through my nose and I had a sneezing attack and the piercer was freaking out that I was going to stab myself :P

    I've got..6 :P I don't think I want any more :P What's a scaffold piercing? Haha, really? I'm not all that bothered by the pain.

    Oh I know, I heard about that, Cancer just wants to get us no matter what! I don't wear sunscreen when I go to the letterbox, so I'm hoping that's enough to not let it get me :P But I can't have a lot anyway because I have some sort of allergy to too much vitamin D or some such. I burn after 5 minutes :P It sucks!

    That waistcoat is from a mainstream brand - Cue. When I saw it I fell in love with it. And thank you again! I was quite happy with it, yay for photographers :P

    I guess that goes to show how much I know Gravie, about fashion. :P

  4. Also, I take full responsibility for the absinthe lip balm catching on :P