Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Like a death-ray

Howdy y'all, this be my first on-location post from Coffs Harbour, and the beginning of what I expect to be a whinge-fest about the copious amounts of sun and how the >25 degree days clash with my favourite outfits.

Anyway, yesterday my family and I visited the shopping hub of this here metropolis and so I goth'd up for the first time. Was kind'a fun seeing all the jaws dropping (yes they literally dropped! One guy even ran into a pole because he turned to do a double-take!) So far I haven't encountered any rude persons, unlike the general populous in Orange. This is probably because from what I can gather, most are still at a loss for words seeing someone that doesn't look like a chewed up piece of leather with a dirty yellow mop on top of their head. And while we're on the topic of surfies, I saw a ridiculously tanned one. I felt like going up to him and offering to check his moles for signs of melanoma.

A girl at WOW (speaking of which, how freakin' awesome is their anime dvd section?!) complimented me, said I looked very stylish and that she'd never seen green hair before :P. The shopping options were pretty disappointing, but I'm hoping to visit Bellingen at some point before I head off to my friend's place in Port Macquarie for new years. On the way there I saw a sign for a butterfly house, which I vaguely remember visiting when I was a kid. I don't know if they allow photography or not but it'd be really awesome I expect if they did!

Anyway, I know writing is boring, so here are a few pics to keep those (like me) with short attention spans interested:

The new UV reactive contacts I bought at Worn Wild when I was in Sydney a bit over a week ago. I also bought a pair of white ones!

My attempt at 'goth'ing up my room here.

Some shells I collected whilst on a walk on the beach with my Mum.

'Grandpa's Whiskers' has always been my favourite plant in Nanna's garden, however after getting a massive lecture on ticks from my Mum, I'm terrified of getting close to any greenery.

Piece of wood from the broken 'Barbie'. No sausages for Stephie it seems :(

Me attempting to be cool like Grace :P

These mad purple-leaved plants


Eliza shirt from Gallery Serpentine in black cotton - $145
Green Pearls from Madame Pompadour in Melbourne - $18
Signature Absinthe spoon that came free with a bottle of Green Fairy - free :P
Verne the clay octopus from Monster Kookies - $50 (and worth every penny<3)

I really liked this one, even though I cut off my lips :P Doing a selfie is hard with a 50mm fixed lens, okay!

Here's a couple of better shots of the contacts, though my pupils are contracted because of the sunlight, so they look a bit odd.

Here's a close up of my hair, I changed my mixing formula for this holiday as I wanted to avoid having to re-dye it if I could, so I made it a bit darker than usual. I don't mind it.

My nan was having a bitch about me never smiling in my pictures, so here you are! *Holds up middle finger behind back*

This one's my favourite, I know it's a bit over-exposed, but I still like it :)

That's all for today, I'm off to catch up with an old friend from school this afternoon, might take the ol' camera along if I feel like it.

Over and out



Listening to: Bare Your Teeth - Ashbury Heights


  1. Great pics!
    and bahahaha @ pole guy

  2. hahaha, i was going to say - those flower sniffing shots are awfully familiar! :p cool timez!

  3. Coffs Harbour is lovely. I haven't been there for ages... Enjoy your summer! =)

  4. Haha, I thought you might notice, Gravie :P I liked your shots a lot, however yous look so romantic and mine just look...stupid :P

    Thanks Lilly!

  5. I love the picture of you looking straight up into the camera and the one of you with the hydrangea - the one with the flower is slightly angelic. It's like a Gothy version of those soft-focus baby-amongst-the-flowers shots.

    At the risk of sounding a little strange, I actually love your face - you have really fine, elfin, almost sharp features, which with the green hair = stunning!

  6. The purple plant is neat! I love all of your pics :) The area you are in sounds a lot like Vermont, people stare like you are from another dimension, which is kind of fun!

  7. Haha those baby ones always make me laugh for some reason :P

    Thanks! I don't think I'll ever take a compliment negatively :P I used to be obsessed with elves, still kind'a am, so it's very nice to hear :-)

    Thanks Gracie! Yes, I don't think I'd enjoy being goth half as much if I didn't get the strange looks from people :P I'm such a peacock :P