Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catching Up On Lost Time

Though I might post some pics from my iphone that have been taken over the past few weeks whilst I've been living in Melbourne to catch you guys up on what the go is :)

Tea and cake for my birthday/going away with Gracie's mother and sister i.e. my extended family :)

Just before I set off on the long lonngggg drive. My hopeless GPS and my little chicks that kept me company :)

My first shop! Haha the toilet paper, it's a bit of a running joke between my new housemate; Maddy, and I.

FUCKKKK YEAHHHHHHHHH! This made my day/week/month/whatever. So freakin' happy. Just wish Pottermore would sought out it's bugs. I'm quite apt at potion making, but every time I go to move it to the brewed section, it just takes me back to the start. So annoying.

Cam whoring whilst I waited outside for my life to a 21st.


  1. Love the photo of the tea and cake! So pretty!

    Cute photo of yourself (adore the hair) as well!

  2. yeah i know, i have the same problem on pottermore! sigh :p ooohh that shop is so big!

  3. @Fatally Yours: Thanks! :D It was a really fun afternoon tea and the colours make me smile.

    Yeah I'd just dyed it so it was nice and vibrant! :DDD Thank you :)))

    @Gracie: Yeah Pottermore :( Also my net fucks up regularly when I'm playing which screws around with the potions :( It's only one of those half-sized trolley's, not the massive deep ones :P