Friday, September 23, 2011

More Random Pics From My Phone

I know some might not find this as exciting as others, but other than leaving chunks of boring text I don't really know how to update on what's been going on... >.>

Mug sent to me by Directions for being awesome! :D The icon isn't there till you put hot water in the mug.

Taken today, me wearing my elf crown :D


New Black Milk goodness

Visiting my new friends, Mark and Sarah

Me; eyebrowless at Mark and Sarah's

Ellie and me :)

Playing chess with Maddy, my housemate.

I regularly make study-break pancakes for Maddy and I at like..3 in the morning :P

This cool little alt theatre just down the street from my house that plays awesome old movies and horror-filled recent ones!

Also I just wanted to say that if you leave feedback more towards the negative scale, could you please comment to suggest something else for me to do or what you didn't like about the post? I know it's silly but I feel like if this isn't done that someone out there is anonymously criticising me rather than presenting constructive criticism nicely. I get a little disheartened by it :(


  1. I think it's cute that you make pancakes for you and your roommate, haha. I wish I had a friend to live with... :( And your elf crown is awesome!

  2. @MissGracie: Aww thanks :D It's fun to cook them, also gives me some social interaction 'cause Maddy spends heaps of time in her room doing assignments. :( Well she was't my friend before I moved in with her :P I didn't know her at all save about 3 emails between us. Eee thanks! I bought it when I was about 17 to wear to my graduation :)

    @VictorianKitty: I wish she was my Kitty, I miss my kitties terribly :( She's my friends, Mark and Sarah's kitty. :)

  3. Great pics! I love your Elf crown. XD
    Danielle xo :-)