Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Black Milk: Pulp Horror

Those that have been following me for a while would know that I'm a certified Black Milk freak. I've been following this Australian success story pretty much since their origins when James Lillis was busy sewing my purchases on his dining room table. Nowadays however, buying from BM is a whole other story and they turn out products in new releases pretty much every month; but none as exciting to me and I'm sure all the other darklings out there, than the Halloween release.

These Nylon fiends grow almost exponentially with every passing year and more success equals a bigger budget and I just love how much effort their creative teams go to in preparation for big releases such as things like Halloween. This year certainly has got to be one of, if not the most impressive of all that preceded it in regards to promotional marketing.

Here are some of the promo pics for Pulp Horror - photos courtesy of Black Milk Clothing.


I freakin' love this photo! The hues, the clothes, the animated expressions of the models; it's amazing and all very reminiscent of fantastic old pulp horror movies, as the name would suggest. They even sneaked in some Rick Baker style make-up there mmm mmmmmm; I do love me some Rick Baker inspo.

'Dracula Sucks'

'Dat beehive though, aww yeahh. Plus I'm loving how goth some of these pieces are in this collection including the above picture Fatale PVC dress.

'Are You My Mummy?'
Who doesn't love a good Doctor Who reference in the morning? Or...y'know...Any time, really.

Of this collection I'd say the stand out for me however is pretty goddamned obvious...

 The Cthulhu inside-out dress in all it's mesmerising perfection...

On the other side is a purple haunted house scene which is also quite striking

...Doesn't really compare to the Cthulhu side though, does it? :P (No...It doesn't)

The Cthulhu print Black Milk use is pretty much my favourite of theirs so naturally I'm sacrificing small children at my alter to the Old Gods in hopes it will increase by chances of scoring one (it's limited edition like all of Black Milk's IODs) ...Not that the Old Gods worry themselves with the trivialities of humans but y'know, not much to lose here baha.

I was fortunate enough to receive a voucher for BM for my birthday a few weeks back and you can be sure it'll be going towards this collection.

Quickly, some other stand outs from Pulp Horror:

 Oh you just know I'm going as bride of Frankenstein to any Halloween parties I attend this year. Time to bust out the big hair and the bolts, baby!

Ever wanted to feel like you're 100ft tall? Like you want to fight giant alien monsters for a living? Have you ever felt like cancelling the apocalypse? Well, my friend may want to join me in Kaijuu-groupies Anonymous and get yourself a pair of these Jaeger-esque Mecha leggings. They also come in pink but that's really none of my business.

And my little gothlings, your attention please.

I don't want to give it too much of a build up in case it's not your thing or whatever, and it's certainly not something I can pull off but by Cthulhu it's adorable...

Yeah...I love it. Too bad about it being a crop but I like that they did something so off centre with Nosferatu.

Anyway, I'm sure you're all sick of me for now so I'll be signing off. Seeing as I'm trying to make regular posting a thing agaiin here, lemme know what kinda stuff you like to see.

Over and out,

The Green Fairy


  1. Why can't they just bring back the Slime Bath leggings already? ;w;

    1. Kat, they have teased at the idea of bringing back bloodbaths so you never know...

  2. I want everything! I'm especially pining over that Cthulhu dress as well.

    1. Sammeeeeee, to both comments haha. Dat dress *homer simpson esque drooling*

  3. I can't help being slightly frustrated that the Dracula girl has Bride of Frankenstein hair, but that's just me, I like things to be just right! Lol.

    My faves are the haunted house dress and the Nosferatu crop top. That crop top is a cool idea. I'd be so tempted if my midsection was more buff right now!

    1. Well I'm guessing it takes hours to do the hair and they do the shots all in one day so I don't think they'd wanna undo hours of work for one photo :P

    2. And yes, it's defs cool. I too wish I had the midsection for it but alas it is not to be.