Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Caved..And some Old pics I found

So if anyone else peruses the internet for beauty related crap there's no doubt in my mind you would've seen mac's Cyber about. I steered off buying this for ages, I don't why - I think I just thought there would be something better out there, something more 'me' but last week I caved and bought it. Oops :P

I love the simplistic chic of mac packaging so much.

 Saahhh prettyyyyy

Oh and just randomly, I found these when I was cleaning out my downloads folder and didn't remember ever uploading them so I thought, what the hey?

 Sydney Black Milk Event 2013

And I think this is 2012 BM birthday/Christmas party featuring lovely Alex. As you can see we were excited about our matching BM Cthulhu items and matching Cthulhu phone cases ^_^ AC has a blog you can check out here. Dunno what's going on with my make up in this photo - Goths in hot fucking weather, amirite? :P

Anyway, that was all for tonight. I'm hoping to convince my chums to go out to dinner or something on monday and if I'm successful I will endevour to take my SLR and get some proper photos. Unfortunately my friends aren't lovers of the lens like myself :P

Over and out

The Green Fairy


  1. From what I see in your photos, that color lipstick will look fantastic on you. Enjoy! Sometimes you got to splurge, life is too short :)

    1. Aw, thank you :D I hope so. Haha, believe me, I'm very good at splurging :P but I agree completely.

  2. Your green hair was such an awesome colour! Also I need that elf crown you are wearing!

    1. I know, miss it so much :(

      I think I got it on ebay back in like... 2007