Thursday, September 25, 2014

*SPOILERS* My Very First Loot Crate! *SPOILERS* Also pic heavy

*SPOILERS* Ladies and gents if you haven't received this months Loot Crate yet and want it to be a surprise then don't read on!

I'm freakin' serious, this is your last warning! :P

Okay now that you're sure you want to be here let's get into it. This month's theme was 'galactic' and promised things from various associated fandoms including Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly and Alien (all of which I adore) so this seemed the perfect first time crate for me. Here's what my box contained:

 It's here - eeeeeee!

 Love the box detailing

 Cute badge!

Pop rocks in the best colour ;) I have a friend constantly going on about these so this is exciting.

 Firefly figure (I got distracted and forgot to take a photo of him, I'll add it later but in any case the figure is Mal :P )

 Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! So cool!

 Magnet! My fridge is going to be infinitely more awesome now.

 Carbonite Han fuck yeahhhhh!

The trouble with Tribbles...

The container detailing is just perfection - keep out of reach of Klingons hahaha


 So...not even before midnight? :P What if I want more than one Tribble?

Plus there was some links to online comics etc that I haven't had a chance to look at yet but this was the main meat of it. Overall I'm thrilled with this box! I certainly hope upcoming ones are as fulfilling. Thank you, Lootcrate!

Want your own Lootcrates? Sign up at their website for individual boxes or for different incremental packages.

That's all for now!

Over and out

The Green Fairy


  1. That is awesome! I am not a huge Star Trek fan but I love the Tribble and the box it came in! Made me laugh. I am definately going to get one for myself and possibly hubby for Christmas!

  2. I already saw this from one of my other friends, so you didn't spoil it for me! I wanted to have a conversation with her about who would win in a fight of tribbles vs Alien, but she never answered. I figure tribbles could multiply fast enough to smother it before it killed to many of them! What do you think?

    1. Well t depends on a few factors - have the tribbles got food? Because they cant breed without food. Also, are there any face huggers about that could potentially infect the tribbles (Don't know how they'd manage it but if anyone could a xenomorth could :P )

  3. I've never gotten LootCrate cause I'm way too paranoid about getting stuff I won't like, but I like almost everything is this one! What a good package for you :D

    1. Yeah I was the same but all the things they listed I was into so I took a chance and it was worth it :D It was indeed.