Monday, June 7, 2010

21st century slave, don't forget to obey

Hello the world of the interwebz! Here's me on a Sunday afternoon having just got home from Grace's house after having a night out on the town.

Yes that's me having no showered having slept in a deathhawk and mass amounts of black eyeshadow. Reason being, that I'm sure anyone who has rocked a deathhawk look will know, that washing it out takes FOREVER. This is because in order to get height and volume without using a whole can of hairspray you need to BACKCOMB. Backcombing technique is very important I realised after going to buy a new comb at Price Attack, or whatever that hair care store is called and having a 15 minute discussion with the saleslady about the width of the teeth, those inbetween little spike things and the wonders of backcombing compaired to teasing. I was quite joyous to know that someone else in the world understood the complexities of the backcombing world. No wonder if takes me 4 hours to get goth'd up. :P

Anyway I think I just wanted an excuse to blog today so I decided to show you all my new nail polish that I coaxed my dad into buying me whilst we were in the reject shop

Unfortunatly, it doesn't come out looking as awesomely green as it looks here in the bottle, which is always the case and is something I probably should just stop being in denial about.

Furthermore, I wanted to discuss this new foundation I bought a little while ago (speaking about denial, where the hell did I get the money to buy new foundation?). Anyway, I'm a rather obsessive user of foundation, well, I mean I don't wear makeup everyday, in face I only where it when I go out/ think that somebody good looking is going to be looking at me, but when I do don it, I am very specific about the roles I want it to play.

So normally I use Loreal Paris infallible 18 hour makeup, and I don't know why I thought I'd try something else when I think that it's he best makeup I've ever encountered. It's got great coverage, the perfect shade and feels great on.

Anyway this new Maybelliene 24 hour superstay is just generally crap in every way. I watched plenty of youtube reviews on it before I bought it that all praised it, and I don't know how they could all be so wrong. It's coverage is terrible, I can't even tell that I've got makeup on in the way that it does nothing to even out skin tone or redness. It feels gross on my face, so much that I was afraid to touch my skin, it smelt..odd, the packaging is very unhygienic, in that it's just an open bottle, no pump or anything to prevent mass amounts flowing out. Also, their lightest colour was not pale enough for my skin and so made me look...well gross, as if I didn't already feel that because of all of it's other disappointing attributes.

So yeah, don't buy it :P

In other news, here are the books I plan on reading over the next month, though it might take me a little bit longer with exams and stuff coming up in the next few weeks. I am of the opinion that many aspects go into style, not just appearence. I'm obsessed with appearing well-read and intelligent. It's kind'a ridiculous.

<3 Jules Verne so much

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