Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quintessentially Gothic

So last week my friends and I paid a little visit to the opening of a new photography exhibition in Orange, named Quintessentially Orange. The reason being that it was featuring photographers from Orange and seeing as one of my longstanding best friends, Gracie is a photo journalist for a local paper, she too was to have her work displayed. In fact, one of her pictures was of me!

This photo was on display at the Orange Regional Art gallery as well as on the front cover of the paper Gracie works for, Photonews.

Anyway, Grace suggested I dress up for the event, so...I did :) I would have posted my outfit earlier but I was waiting for some photos to be uploaded to facebook taken by one of the photographers present on the night; Rodney Shrimpton.

These three were taken by Rodney on the night.Rosemary and I

Susan Shrimpton, myself and Gracie

Myself, Gracie and Rosemary with some of Grace's photos.

So my outfit for the event consisted of:

TUK Green Gunstripe Pumps from Redpath in Canberra: $130

Black damask Underbust Victorian Corset from Gallery Serpentine: $200

Gothic Lolita Jacket Dress from FanPlusFriend: $135

Black satin jabot from FanPlusFriend: $10

Silver pocket watch from Diva: $30

Black satin bow from Diva: $10

Green and Black leather headband (sorry I don't know where it's from or how much it cost, as I got it for Christmas.)

I'd post more pictures, but for some reason every one of my photo-related accounts won't let me upload photos.

Over and out.


  1. Bah-humbug you seem to be having photo uploading problems. I upload mine straight onto blogger using their uploader. Have you tried changing the format of your uploader or composey thingy or whatever it is. You can do it somewhere in your settings.
    What exactly is wrong with your uploader? I haven't had problems before, strangely enough.

  2. Well I tried to use the blogger uploader but it's really slow and keeps timing out. So I tried photobucket and it just said there was an error and gave me no reason why and flickr had the same issue. It's really frustrating. SO at the moment I've just been using links to upload.