Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh yeah - I am a goth

So I know it's probably some blogging taboo that I'm not aware of as a first time blogger, but I was actually going to make my first post a reblog of my friend Grace's blog, seeing as her latest entry was basically all about me (just the way I like it :p) Wow, this post is really blog heavy, blog blog blog blog blog. Okay, so it's out of my system now. Hem.



Okay, down to business now. So Grace is a serial blogger and suggested that as a rather stylish individual I should create my own fashion blog. So it's going to be Gothic fashion heavy, so I guess if you're not really interested in that stuff then go look elsewhere!

These pictures were taken by Grace Johns 2 days ago when I came into town to do the groceries for my mum :P

So this was my outfit:

Heart-shaped Earmuffs from Top Bargain: $2.50

Ridiculously large ego from a combination of genetics and my intellectual superiority complex: Free

Goat Leather Satchel Bag by Billy Goat Designs: Approx: $50

Black patent plastic oxford knockoffs from Big W: $25

Can't really see it but I'm also wearing a velvet bolero from Gallery Serpentine: $75

Not quite ouroborus snake bracelet from Tree of Life: $30

Victorian frock coat from FanPlusFriend: Approx. $250
Victorian waistcoat from FanPlusFriend: Approx. $50

Pocket watch from Diva: $30

Black satin cravat from FanPlusFriend: $10

Sonic screwdriver: Priceless

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  1. Huzzah! Welcome to blog land!
    My first suggestion to you would be to comment, comment, comment on other people's blogs. That's the only way I got followers other than people I know.
    Find like minded people with gothy blogs and comment, follow them, get in it! :p Then the appreciation will follow.