Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Arsenic on the Rocks

So it has been a fair while since I last posted and this has been due to a myriad of things including end of semester exams, moving out of college, stress and just generally not having any spare time till now. So, sorry about that :P

Today I just wanna to show you all my new shoes. So I've been wearing a pair of plastic $25 oxfords from big w for a few months now and more then once I thought they'd met their end, but people handy with the superglue have fixed 'em up for me. However, last week they kind'a became beyond repair and seeing as My grandmother told me she'd buy me a good pair of shoes for my 21st (in August) I decided it'd be nice to have them now as I have no shoes to wear that aren't sneakers.

So here's a coupl'a pics I took this afternoon.
They're patent leather oxford sort'a style with a simulated snake skin finish, and I love 'em! They're really comfortable but just recently they started rubbing my heels as new shoes tend to do sometimes. Hopefully that'll disappear soon. I got them from Easy Living Footwear Orange and I also think there's a store in Bathurst. They're could be more, I'm not sure.

Anyway, I don't really have much else to say, so I'll just post some other pictures that I took this afternoon. I've described most pieces of this outfit previously, except perhaps the green scarf shown below. I don't know exactly where it's from, though I think it's from Venice; it was a gift from my friend Kat when she returned from Europe.

Hat fell off :P

I also thought I'd add this little fill out thingy I stole from Grace

Hello, my name is Steph but you can call me The Green Fairy. Today, I am wearing black skinny legs, my new black patent leather oxfords, 3/4 length black spotty shirt, victorian waistcoat, black jabot, green ventian scarf, velvet bolero and victorian frock coat (breath). I am looking forward to feeling happy and well again and maybe finding a new boy to fawn over. I am feeling down but I'm being pragmatic and assertive about the situation; doing all that I can to change this. I miss Phil, mein Bruder but I'm still angry with him for not saying goodbye to me. I wish I had money and that my new industrial bar and hair ye would arrive.

Over and out guys,



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  1. Oooh cool shoesesses! Woot woot, I look forward to seeing your photos from today too! I like the hat falling off one it's funny.