Sunday, June 6, 2010

Creative endeavours

So a while ago my university college, Bruce (which I won't be at for very much longer) had a joint bar night with Burton and Garran, the college next door that was themed "Down the Rabbit Hole". Anyway, the point I'm getting at is that my friends Kathryn and Bec bought and decorated hats for it in order to go as mad hatters.

Kat and Bec

Kat, myself and Bec

And there's a closeup of Kathryn with her hat.

Anyway, so it got me thinking about making my own hat to decorate. I have a mini top hat that I bought from a shop in Newtown, Sydney at the 2008 Under the Blue Moon Festival (the one I'm wearing above) and I decided that I was quite smitten with them after the acquisition of my first. So I'm hoping to make a green and back, sort'a absinthe themed one.

I've got myself a hat

Black mini top hat from The Funny Shop in Civic, Canberra: $12

And some materials to decorate it with,

Some bottle green ribbon

Black lace

This little key charm/button thing

And this cute little fairy, which I adore!

Hopefully it'll turn out grand! I'll upload pics when it's finished.

Also, I wanted to add, in order to add a little more of an interactive appeal to my blog, I thought people might wanna suggest some things I could talk about in my next one; other than outfits. And believe it or not, I do have interests outside the fashion world. So yeah comment away, if there's anyone out there reading this.

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