Friday, March 11, 2011

The Rest is Just a Clock, Ticking

Good evening readers, just thought I'd do a quick little post on my outfit for today (as according to my poll this is what you guys want! At least, I hope I've interpreted it correctly!).

As I've been watching Ergo Proxy lately and have a ridiculous amount of anime lust for the main character Re-I, I dressed myself inspired by her.

Photo: Google

Stylish little lass

I'm so totally corp-goth, there in my office chair.


Shirt: Local uniform shop
Waistcoat: Cue
Tie: Tentacle Threads

Oh and I wore my new demonia stomper boot thingies as well ^_^ I love them so much!

Oh and here's a pic of my new pocket watch mentioned in my last post that I picked up from the markets in Melbourne. I think it's very corp goth as well!

My anime haul from Sydney over the weekend

Oh and I visited a cute little suit shop on Oxford street in Sydney while away on the weekend, and although I didn't really even consider buying one of their expensive suits, I was enthralled by their (why were they not for sale?!) quirky decorative figurines. I'm probably a bazillion years behind the times having only just found these, but for those of you who don't know they're called Mechtorians. They're all hand painted and the many characters have regular make overs. This stunning little creature (of which I just purchased on eBay no half an hour ago) is Stefan LePodd; isn't he gorgeous! Over all the for limited editions of the characters can be very pricey; this particular edition being the cheapest and most readily available. Gah I want more! Stuck for a birthday present idea??? Teehee

Anyway that's about it lovelies,

Over and Out

The Green Fairy


  1. cool, nice outfit, and nice pose :p

  2. What's Ergo Proxy about? Looks pretty ^^

  3. Snazzy outfit deliciously re-imagined…I like the watch also…as well as the way you photographed it…

  4. @Gravie: Thanks, are you being sarcastic about the pose? :P I was having so much trouble taking photos, 'cause I had to take and check all the photos in tv ads because I took the photos in the living room and Nanna was getting pissy about me blocking the tv... :P

    @Ultimategothguide: I'm only 4 episodes in but so far it's about this society (earth a bit in the future) and everyone lives in this artificial environment because the world outside it is apocolyptic or something. Everyone uses robots to do everyday things and they're currently suffering from viruses that makes them more human (like...they feel emotions when they're infected) it's really strange but really cool. I love the animation and the plot makes you just wanna keep watching! I'm trying not to watch it all too fast, savouring :P

    Livingsword: Hello! Thanks for reading my blog :)

    Thank you! I appreciate it ^_^ And the watch was really cheap! Only like 10 bucks I think. I think it's nice and edgy :P

  5. The watch has a timeless factor which is enchanting…

  6. That I must say is a really nice outfit! And that's a pretty cool watch, wish I had one.

  7. Thanks! Well as I said above it was really cheap, just bought at a market. I mean it may stop working like one of my other cheap pocket watches but I generally just wear them for show and now for checking the time.