Thursday, March 10, 2011

State-To-State Trotting; A Guide To My Weekend and Beyond

So I think it's been about a week or so since I last conversed with you, my lovely readers; and I can avidly tell you that I haven't been idle in that time! Those that read my last post before my little trip would know that Thursday through till Sunday were days planned with plenty-a fun afoot to be had..

So I set out on Thursday morn, bright and early (actually it was still dark) a bit before 6am on the local coach service from my home town to Sydney; many-a berocca in tow. The day was already off to a flying start with the excitement of it all leaving me with an inability to sleep.

I reached Sydney domestic departures after an almost 5 hour bus ride with about 3 hours of sleep under my belt from the night before (And people tell me I don't know how to pack light!) with still several hours before my flight. I amused myself watching the lady next to me fuss about with her wireless internet connection for over an hour whilst I glugged down a few red bulls and scoffed a chocolate ├ęclair nom nom nom (man I can't imagine how attractive I was looking at this point by the way).

After I checked, I wandered around the terminal like a lost puppy for what seemed like an eternity (for more of an idea what I mean please research Tom Hanks in 'Terminal'), checking out the indie hotties that also waited for Tiger Airlines to get their striped-behinds into gear and stared at elderly couples. After an unpleasent fight (Backaches and no leg-room for 6 foot + individuals makes Stephie a very dull girl, I can tell you) I finally arrived in Melbourne where I was scammed *cough* I mean ferried by a taxi to my hotel (It was called the Hotel FREAKIN' Enterprise for Science's sake!!! Who wouldn't book a room there?!!) where I chilled out for a little while and considered skipping the concert that I came all the way there for in order to sleep in a king-sized hotel bed.

Thank goodness I saw sense and got myself beautified and headed down to the venue. I arrived half way through Murderdolls (Hello metalhead days, I'd almost forgotten about you!) and boy did it bring back some memories. I was surprised to discover that I remembered all the (somewhat uninspired but nevertheless quaint) lyrics to their songs. I was also stunned at the ability of Wednesday 13 to sound exactly the same live as he does recorded. Kudos to you, Wednesday, kudos!

Anyway not long after that (and after I'd managed to slither my way up to the front of the stage) Rob Zombie started, and I can't describe to you the energy that they unleashed upon the audience. It was seriously hectic! Bar one or two idiots (And bogans, and no you will never find out if the curtains do indeed match the drapes thank you very much!) the mosh pit was pretty good; I've got the bruises to prove it!

Sorry about the crappy phone photo...

Piggy D, Melbourne March 2011. Photo curtsey of Sludge Factory (*drools*)

Rob Zombie, Sludge Factory as well...obviously

So after chatting to a few nice strangers from the concert about my contact lenses and such and purchasing myself a shirt, I toddled off home, made a cup of tea and settled into bed for a well earned rest.

The following day I was in a stupendous mood, having gotten several more hours sleep than the night previous and feeling thrilled about visiting my favourite Melbourne shop; Madame Pompadour. There I spent quite a while chatting to the owner about city life verses country life in relation to ignorance and what not and I bought myself a gorgeous tea cup (unfortunately I left it at my friend's place so until I retrieve it I'm afraid I can't post a pic!)

Madame Pompadour!

The Shop Front

I then moved on to the markets just behind the shop (I think they're like...the Queen Victoria markets or something?) where I bought myself a new pocket watch and a fairy ring. After that I rushed back to the Hotel Enterprise where I battled some Klingons - Hem...I mean, collected my baggage and headed for the airport.

On my trip back I was sad that the airline had sold out of cheese and crackers however this was levelled out by the fact that an observant attendant that checked me in asked me if I'd prefer to be seated in those emergency exit seats with the ten billion times more leg room (Yes FUCKING please!). I humbly agreed and quite enjoyed my flight, reading the recipes from the magazine of the woman sitting next to me over her shoulder and regularly flailing my legs about in all the free leg room I had at my disposal.

Once back in New South Wales, I met a nice couple on the train back from the airport from a neighbouring city to my own who I think may have just finished their honeymoon. I think we bitched about bad graffiti or something before parting...Small world hehe.

Later that night, my friend Grace and I headed to a party at Grace's sister's place. The theme was 'I'm skipping town because...' Grace went as a gypsy and I went as an airship pirate who's parents didn't support her crack habit. Fun times were had by all!

Grace and I, surprisingly sober.

The next day Grace humoured me whilst I ravaged Sydney, scouring every jb hifi within a 40km radius for anime to take home with me. I ended up on the Sunday with the first season of Darker Than Black and Corpse Princess and the entire Ergo Proxy series. Later on we picked up another friend of ours at the train station and hea dback home to prepare ourselves for a night out. We didn't feel up to going to Mardi Gras (the party girl may be a little partied out apparently!) so instead we had a nice dinner (and Grace got rather sloshed on two glasses of wine) and then we visited various places/people around Sydney until we went home to bed.

Me, very squashed on a Sydney bus.

On Sunday we enjoyed pancakes in the garden with Grace's neighbour's cat Graham (Such a cutie pie!) watching our every move, before heading out for a delicious muffin (or two) and a cuppa before picking up some pocky and heading back to the train station to head home.

Unfortunately I think I wore myself out a little too much, gallivanting over state lines and what not all weekend as On Sunday night I feel quite sick and spent Monday and Tuesday in bed with a chest infection. I'm on the mend now however, and hopefully will be right as rain for my good friend Mark's 21st this weekend.

Phew, wow that was a long one folks, hope it wasn't too long winded for you!

Over and out lovelies!

The Green Fairy

P.s. Readers, I've sort'a taken on a bit of a new style in my writing...Before I was just blurting out whatever came into my head without really giving it much thought or flair. Which do you prefer? I'm very interested in hearing your opinions, after all; I write for you! ...And maybe a bit for me :P

P.p.s New shoes!!! Jealous much?


  1. I have a pair of shoes very similar to those...

    Sounds like you had a great time, I'm only a little envious... XD

  2. Oh cool, they're super comfy hey! I wore them all day today and I have absolutely no tolerance for foot pain. I was very surprised! They're a little big, but I'm gonna get some of those gel inserts and hopefully that'll make them a bit more snug.

    Hehe I did :D Thanks for the comment as always lovely ^_^

  3. what fun times :p i wanna go to madame pompodours.
    You went on tiger airlines? oh thank goodness you're alive :p

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