Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Day In My (New) Shoes

So going off what the poll said, I took a photo of what I wore to work today (Though just the bottom half, as I just wore a boring t shirt on top. I would normally wear something nice with these bloomers, but seeing as I just sit all day and no one sees me anyway I can't really be bothered looking nice. Plus I didn't wear make up).



I'm not really a big fan of the corset style ribbon lacing on the back of them, but eh..

Plus I wore these with my new brogues/oxfords! Their style is called 'Harvard'.

Bloomers: Lovechild Boudoir
Shoes: Ziera Shoes
Tights: Black Milk

This will probably be my last post for this week as tomorrow morning bright and early I'm heading off to Sydney on a bus in order to catch a flight to Melbourne! Tomorrow night I see Rob Zombie and Wednesday 13 (And other bands I don't really know/care about) and then Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday I'll be chillin' in Sydney with Gracie and a few others I expect.

See you next week!

p.s. I updated my blogger bio, lemme know wha'cha think :) Also, does anyone know how to put paragraphs in the bio section? I tried the usual html code for them but it didn't work...

Over and out

The Green Fairy


  1. Oh I love those bloomers! The ones I make now are pretty simple, but bloomers like yours my eventual goal.

  2. Thanks! I think bloomers look great even when they are simple. Do you sell them?

  3. I'm in love with those tights. And those shoes are to die for! Great [half] outfit! =]

  4. I love the green stockings!! I am not a fan of the fringy-balloony-lacy bottom of the bloomers!:D
    I am newbie here..and OMG! I LOVE your blog page! I have this things for Goths too, im a shy dresser so i haven't gotten round to looking the part except on Halloween last year!
    Sorry for the tiring long comment..hehe..Is your hair really green???:P

  5. Great socks, shoes and pants <3

  6. @Ashlee: Thanks! Black Milk made them custom for me :) I adore them.

    @Stephanie: Thanks! I would have shown the rest, but as I kind'a said, the top half majorly detracted from the rest :P

    @Kiwi: You not a fan or just a typo? Cause otherwise you're very enthusiastic about it...Which is, a good way to be I guess :p

    Newbie eh? Well welcome! Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate it! Oh don't be shy, get out there in your best blacks :)

    Not tiring, and yes my hair is really green, lest I'd have to edit every single photo of myself; I can't imagine that'd be fun :P Maybe I should do a non-fake/sign photo...Hmm, maybe when I'm in Melbourne tomorrow...

    @Sara: Thanks :D <3

    @Ultimategothguide: Yes, bloomers are amazing. I have 4 pairs, but I mostly just wear them under skirts and dresses in winter, so you never really see them...Should try and wear them more but I don't think they're the most flattering attire for my physique..